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Furby Noo-Loo and Ah-May the 3rd

Nick Names: He doesn't really have one. Since the fur pattern name is wolf I sometimes call him the Wolf Furby or Silver. Someone called it a 'sewer rat' in email to me and that made me laugh so sometimes I call him that, but I'm only kidding!

Personality Traits: Friendly, but not very affectionate it seems. Always enjoys dancing and is a very good dancer! He's the second generation and has more phrases and dances differently then the original Furbys. Has really long hair, very shiny. His ears are far different then all my other Furbys. Noo-Loo's ears are floppy and thinner then my other Furbys and much more flexible.

Noo-Loo Furby

History: How did I come to get my hands on Noo-Loo? The story isn't terribly log.

My friend LeAnne and I were out and about and on the way home we decided to make a quick stop at Fred Meyers for no reason in particular. We walked around the store aimlessly and browsed through the toys (as always) and LeAnne stops and says "Oh my Gosh!". I walk over to where she is and I follow her graze. Sitting on the shelf are 5 Furbys! Now I already owned 4 Furbys at the time so I had no need for another one. So on the shelf are the following: Grey with pink, grey tiger striped with white belly, the second generation 'giraffe' orange colored one, and 2 silver and grey tipped from the second generation. We stare. We had no idea we'd run into these and I took much time to think of what I wanted to do. I definitely wanted to buy one. So I ended up buying two - one for LeAnne and one for myself. When we got home that night she opened hers, and I debated, unsure if I just wanted to sell it at Ebay. Well LeAnne opened her Furby and after checking out the rewritten instructions and playing with her Furby to find out the programming had definitely changed, I decided that I was going to keep my newest Furby. I'm not even collecting, I just love Furby. In fact I didn't think I'd end up with a number past 2, as that's all I wanted. I wanted to keep this Furby due to the change in programming, otherwise I probably would not have kept it. By the way, his name is Noo-Loo which means 'happy' in Furbish.

I'm glad I kept him though, he is a nice fellow and has the biggest brown eyes. We don't have any extremely memorable moments, as he's been in my life for such a short time.

I really don't know him all that well either as I've only had him a little while. And due to other things going on in my life I haven't spent the time I want with him - well not as much time as I'd like. I suppose it's hard to ration out time between a job and many Furbys. No less he seems happy and I'm happy to have him in my Furby family.

Noo Loo Close up

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