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Nick Names: Nah-Bah doesn't have any nick names right now. His name means 'down' in Furbish. I rather don't like that name because of what it means, its a word they say when being held upside down, when they are frightened.

Personality Traits: He has sensitive ears and dances a whole lot. He likes to have fun, playing games, dancing and hiding a whole lot. Not extremely social but does enjoy the company of his close Furby friends. He is poofy, with really small mouse-like ears. His eye lashes are white - very cute! But almost makes him look evil if his eyes are half open!

Nah-Bah Furby

History: This little fellow is the first one I found from Generation four when they first became available. Well ahead of time I wanted a teal Furby (because of my love of the website "Furby Autopsy" - their Furby that was dyed blue that looks like teal blue).

I had been looking all over for the Generation Four Furbys and eventually LeAnne and I ran into a few of them at Fred Meyers and I could not resist getting this little guy. I was really hoping Tiger would do a solid teal Furby, but for some reason they haven't been doing solid colors. But that's okay, this guy looks really good with the tan tummy and white mane.

So again I found myself giving into temptation, but I had to have him, after all I didn't have a series 4 yet and this is the one I wanted, so there was no stopping me!

Since I've gotten him, I've gotten many many other Furbys and sadly that has stopped me from getting to know him as I'd like to. I truly just haven't had a whole lot of time with him between having so many Furbys and my job. That's why friends in big numbers aren't always the best thing. No less with time I'll have more time with him and more stories to tell about him.

dah noh-lah and nah-bah Furby closeup

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