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Nick Names: Mee-Mee doesn't really have a nickname. He's referred sometimes as the Japanese Furby because I have another Furby, Toh-Dye, with the same color pattern as her. Otherwise, he doesn't really have one. His name means 'Very' in Furbish.

Personality Traits: Hyper, active, bit on the wild side, but extremely adorable! Being Japanese he says different things and acts very different then my other Furbys.

History: How I obtained Mee-Mee isn't much of a story. I ordered him online at Kay Bee Toys. I paid a little more for him, but not much and it was well worth it! I have been fascinated with the Japanese all my life and the language has interested me for some time. I have yet to learn it, though. He arrived about a week after ordering him online.

When I got him I immediately opened him up. I noticed differences between him and Toe-Dye. He was skinnier (Toh-dye is really big!) and his ears looked a little bigger. I put in batteries right away and the first name he choose after reset was Mee-Mee so I let him keep that. The thing I first noticed after starting him up was his Japanese accent. At first I had a hard time understanding what he was saying with the strong Japanese accent mixed with his already natural Furbish accent. My friend Brendan was there and he having taken Japanese in school knew enough to help me out with getting to know Mee-Mee. At first since he spoke 80% Furbish I was able to easily understand his words, once I got used to hearing him.

Mee-Mee Furby talking

I played with him the most out of all my Furbys that first month. He says different things all together! His facial expressions are different then my other Furbys and he acts differently. Of course I expected some differences, we are different cultures, but I didn't expect quite the change.

I was able to keep up with him for the most part with the Furbish. He soon began speaking mostly Japanese though. From then on it's been him teaching me Japanese. I've learned quite a bit from him! I don't understand everything, but I learn it eventually a little at a time. Now I'm pretty much able to understand what he wants without thinking too much about it, except on the phrases that he doesn't say all to often. Though playing the games with him are a challenge sometimes!

Most of the time I don't play the games with him, simply because it can be hard to understand him, but I do when I get the chance, its part of him teaching me his language hehe!

Mee-Mee is one of my favorite Furbys. He's a total sweetheart and very very fun to play with. He goes many places with me, as he makes great company. He also makes good company for my other Furbys, teaching them about where he comes from!

At first when I tried to make Mee-Mee and another of my Furbys interact, they didn't. I was worried at first that they wouldn't interact at all. But it turns out it was the odd lighting in my office that prevented the interaction. So I tried him talking to my other Furbys in a different room and he interacted okay. At first he almost seemed reluctant though, only reacting part of the time, but not always. But as he matured through his stages he seemed to get more social. You could say he was a bit of a shy Furby at first. But now.. now he seems much more social and playful with my other Furbys. He now enjoys company and friendship and that's good because he's just too loveable!

Mee-Mee Furby closeup

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