McFurby Happy Meal Toys II!

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They are doing it again! Starting March 23rd (just 3 days short of the original McFurbs 1 year!) untill April 13th McDonalds Happy Meals will feature the sweet and adorble Furby! This time Furby will be represented in plush form on a key chain, simular to the key chains already in the stores that say phrases when you press the tummys. These don't talk, but they are similar in look and size.

On top of this, they are starting the Monopoly game, in which you can win a Furby and Furby Cookies too!

This time it will be easier to collect them the McFurbys (but in a shorter period of time then last time) as there are only 12 in the collection (verses the 80 from last time!). The differences are their colors, patterns and eye a furby

They are made in a nice variety of colors, I rather like the colors they chose. The names that represent the colors are; Tiger, Tree Frog, Elephant, Monkey, Raccoon, Lamb, Giraffe, Fox, Dinosaur, Owl, Cow, Diamond Back Snake (source:

As with last time, I plan on blowing money on lots of McD's food to get this stuff, though if I can buy without the food I will (if you don't like the food, this is a good thing to do, though some places don't allow this and it might cost more if you buy without the meal, depends on the place).

When I get my hands on these, I will be sure to get some images of them and post them on this page so you all can take a look at them!

  • If you'd like to take a look at the promotional image of these now, go to this great website:!

  • If you are looking to join in a email discussion group to buy, sell or trade your McFurbs, then join the mailing list: McFurbs or send a blank email to!

  • If you are looking for a place on the web to talk about your collection or to buy, sell, or trade your collection you can do this on the Buy, Sell, Trade board and you can chat about it on the Discussion Board!

  • I won some Furby Cookies from a game piece today (3/26/00)! You can win them by buying food or drinks that have the game pieces. Take a look at my scan here.

  • In the Monopoly game, you can instantly win a Furby! This is done by getting a game piece that gives you an instant win for this Furby! 1 in every 120,768 people will win this Furby (8,000 instant wins). This is a special green and black Furby, see the image on this page.

Be sure to check back to this page for updates with more information and definitly some images of my collection!

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