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Starting March 26 '99 - McDonald's will offer Furby Happy Meals! Collect all 80 Happy Meal Furbys. Happy Meal Furbys are little plastic Furbys which come in a variety of colors. Some have limited movement and/or sound effects. This promotion ends on April 22, so hurry while supplies last!

Fact is there are 8 series and 10 Furbys in each series. The 10 Furbys in each series does something different. The difference between the 10 in each collection is variety of colors between body, tummy and hair. Some have manes and others have tails, different colors.

I have been told the original 6 Furby colors are mixed into the McFurby collection, but after looking it seems one is missing, the all grey Furby. Otherwise the other 5 originals are in the collection. The black/white tuxedo Furby is in Series one. The solid white Furby is in series five. The solid black is in series six. The grey/white tux is in series seven. And the grey/pink/spots Furby is in series eight.

Even though the original McFurbs promotion is no longer going on, they are still being sold at Target stories and online auctions. You can still build your collection this way!

Since there are 80 McFurbys, it might be hard to keep track of your collection, so I spent some time creating two pages for you to print off. My source for the images is, but I did make the chart myself and hope it will be of value to you. Instead of having 8 pages worth to print off, mine is simply split up into two pages.

These images are rather large and will take a few minutes for each to download onto your screen. The best way to view and print off these images in right in your browser, so no need to save and move to another place to print it, just print it straight off the screen and it should come out fine. I use Netscape, with 600x400 resolution so I don't know how great it will look on other browsers, etc.

If you like these two graphics and own a website, please only link to this page for people to get my graphics, please do not link directly to my graphics. Also I worked very hard on these two graphics just for my visitors, I better not find them on another website. Trust me, I will find out if you steal from me. :)

If you arrived here from another site not on be sure to visit my main page and my main Furby site!

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