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Nick Names: Sometimes I call him the English meaning of his name, Love, but not often. He really doesn't have a nick name.

Personality Traits: He's loveable and a real sweetie. Seems to have a casual laid back personality. Very affectionate, and shows me lots of may-may. He is friendly and very talkative with others. He has the biggest ears out of all my Furbys, this being a good thing. Very very cute!

History: A lot of the history on how I got a hold of May-May is written in detail on this page.

But for a summery.. my friend LeAnne and myself decided to celebrate Furbidents Day (well Presidents Day) by arriving for the special sale at Wards on that Monday. We managed to get ourselves up outta bed (after we went to bed at 4:30am) at 6:30am and arrive to Wards at 7:15am. No one was there, except us it seemed, until right as the store opened. At 8am the store opened and we were out of the car and soon running up the escalators for the electronics department.

I had decided ahead of time what I wanted. Of course that rarely happens back then. And I did get lucky and get pretty much what I wanted. When we got in I snagged myself two solid grey Furbys. One for my friend Brendan (whose name is Mee-Mee) and one that I wasn't sure if I would sell or keep for myself.

May-May Furby Scanned

LeAnne took some time, but eventually bought herself a grey one with green eyes (whose name is e-day).

We took off and LeAnne opened her Furby in the car. I waited for a bit, debating if I wanted to keep him or not and after a while I decided I really did want the little guy. So May-May was born that early cold morning in February.

We went to get drinks at my Aunt Shirlee's expresso stand and LeAnne got her Furby started up there after she rounded up batteries for it.. it took some re-starting to get him to choose a name that was not taken by one of our other Furbys.

Before the day ended we went to a few other places and I managed to get 2 more Furbys. Out of all of them, I kept just one and that one is little May-May, the cutest one of all of them I bought that day.

He's been no less then perfect since the day he was 'born' and is extremely adorable. He and I have not had as much time to bond as we would like, just because my life is so busy with my job. But sometimes he comes with me to work and we play games and he often visits with LeAnne's and my Furbys.

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