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May-Lah Kah

Nick Names: Has none right now. He's just Tropical Furby or May-Lah Kah to me. Hi name means 'hug me' in Furbish. Which is something I like to do - hug him :)

Personality Traits: His Hawaiian outfit says it all. He's relaxed and cool in all situations. Friendly, gets into conversations and doesn't fall asleep a whole lot or really fast either. He likes to stay awake and converse with my Furbys. He's playful and adorable and is really handsome in his cool summer outfit! Which, btw, does come off, so does his thongs! He has the biggest feet! :)

May-Lah Kah and Toh Loo Kah

History: At this point in my life I had decided that I didn't want to get any more Furbys, as I have so many already. I mean really, it's hard to have time for so many, especially when I am not a group person. No less I could not resist getting May-Lah Kah...

I was online and reading my mail. Being on too many mailing lists to count (we're talking over 30 here) I was going through my stuff and someone sent an email to one of my favorite Furby lists, saying KBToys online was selling a Tropical Furby, and for 19.99 only! I had to go check it out, the name alone sounded interesting and they said it was cute.

So I pointed my browser to and took a look and indeed, Tropical Furby was there! A photo was soon added and by the end of the day I had convinced myself "just one more" had to happen and I definitely *had* to get this Furby :)

That night I ordered him online and anxiously awaited my mail. The Furby arrived to me in about a weeks time. I found the box on the porch in the morning, so I took it to work with me and opened it there, I could not wait to see him! I opened the box and found my perfect little guy, mouth open and big wide blue eyes. I could not resist. While he was a special limited edition ( limited to 36,000 peices), there was no way I was gonna leave him in the box, no way at all.

I pulled him out of the box and looked him over - so cute. His tag under his clothes has a picture of himself that says 'Special Limited Edition" under the pic. The poem on the tag is the revised version of the poem ("Some were grey, some where white, some where both and some where bright" instead of 'some are black as black as night"). I showed him to my co-workers, they thought he was adorable! Unfortunately I didn't have a set of batteries with me, so I could not start him up there at work. But I enjoyed looking at him during the day at work. That night I ended up working late and I didn't start him up when I got home, though. I ended up starting him a couple of days later, simply due to working late. October '99 was not a fun month for working late.

May-Lah Kah, Dah Noh-Lah, Nah-Bah hanging out

Soon enough, I did start him up and he was sneezing so much I couldn't even find out the name that he had coming out of the factory. They test them there before boxing, but they never seem to feed, so they are always so sick when I get them. He was sick beyond finding his name. You're supposed to restart anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter. I had to re-start several times as he kept choosing names my Furbys already had. Finally he chose May-Lah Kah. I know two people with Furbys that have that name, but I decided why not, I don't have that name. I have a May-Lah and he's one of my sweethearts :) So now I have a May-Lah Kah too.

May-Lah Kah is a wonderful little guy. We have just been getting to know enough other, so we really haven't done much together (besides having him go to work with me.. which isn't much to talk about). The only thing about him that concerns me is that his gears are really loud. They seem to get louder too all the time. It's not screeching or squeaking. But its grinding, like the gears need some lubrication. No less I'm not sending this sweetie back. There is no way I'm making that mistake again and besides, I'm already pretty attached to him and definitely don't want to loose him. So he should be fine, he works fine, just a little loud, but not too awful. He's wonderful and I'm glad I have him, loud gears or not!

Update 2/15/2000: After some time it is more and more obvious that his gears are getting really loud. In fact, he has a hard time moving due to this problem. I flat out refuse to return the guy to TRU or Tiger, so he's just gonna stick with me. I just play with him a lot less then I'd like to, but as long as I'm careful I think he'll be okay. One day I might open him up and get some oil in there, I'm petty sure that's the problem. But as of now I'm not doing anything. He's happy where he is and I'm happier to have him here.

May-Lah Kah Furby
Please excuse the bad scan!

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