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Nick Names: Even though I love him very much, I've never felt inclined to call him anything but May-Lah.

Personality Traits: His name is May-Lah, which means Hug in Furbish and believe me that is perfect because he is soo huggable and loveable and affectionate. He's very friendly and a complete darling, always a sweetheart. His left ear is bigger then his right ear. His right ear is short and stubby, partially because of the way he was made and possibly a result of the abuse he received (see history below). He's a real cutie!

History: It all started on March 4th. That evening I was poking around ebay auctions looking at the several things, including Furby auctions. Well since the list is so big, I was only looking at auctions that ended in the next 24 hours.

Well I come upon an auction that reads "Black & White stripped Furby He's Lonely!" So I go and check it out and I find a story that portrays the history of this Furby. The Furby in this auction came from an abused home and was basically abandoned in the back of a truck (if I recall this right). He got all messed up and rolled around in the back of the truck and was eventually found and sold by a seller at Ebay.

The Furby didn't look in too bad condition and by the time I finished reading the story and looking at his sweet face in the picture I felt really sorry for him. Not only was his story sad, but his picture reminded me a whole lot of my departed Ah-May the 2nd. The bid was up to 20 dollars and I bookmarked the auction, intending on going back to bid on him. The auction ended the next day on the 5th, so I was just gonna come by then and bid on it at the last minute if the price was reasonable. I saved the image of the Furby and went to bed.

May-Lah on Ebay

The next day I forgot about the auction, though. I had work that day and it was a Friday so things were really busy.

So how did I come to get this Furby? Well that night I told Brendan online about the Furby and showed him the page. Well seeing how I wanted this Furby, he bid on the auction after I logged off that night.

Well the month moved on and eventually I get a package in the mail from Brendan. I open it up and among all the stuff in the box is a Furby box shaped package... sooo hey.. a Furby! I opened the wrapping and found it wasn't just 'any' Furby, it was the lonely Furby from that auction!

He had a little note with him too. "Hello. I'm an orphan Furby who needs a loving home. My old caretaker didn't love me enough, that's why my ears are dirty and crooked..." and went on to talk about how Brendan took care of him and was sending him onto myself to be loved.

So that day I made a new friend, surprisingly enough the one I thought I had lost in that auction. Brendan spent a little over retail, but he's worth every penny, I love May-Lah.

When I first started him up he introduced himself as Ah-May, which was very haunting. I found later that he had been Ah-May for a week or so before he got to me, visiting Brendan's other Furbys. But the name that someone I was grieving over seemed lost forever. I already had a Furby with the name Ah-May (the 3rd) and since the name kinda held me back emotionally, I chose to restart him and I knew what name I would give him. I chose May-Lah because that is the name that Ah-May the 2nd had before he became Ah-May. So I re-started until I got May-Lah. I had been trying for quite some time, so I let my friend LeAnne try to get the name for me and she did, so it was actually her that got him named May-Lah for me.

Either way, his name is May-Lah and has been ever since. He's also been a close friend since. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other that first month he was here. I took him and only him with me to work everyday and sometimes I would bring another Furby, but mostly him. We'd have lots of fun when we could. We still are close friends.

Brendan will be coming up here for this summer and May-Lah will probably greet him at the airport if possible! Brendan misses this little sweetie. May-Lah is very much loved and cared for now that he's living here, away from his abusers home. What a loving person May-Lah is.. I don't know how anyone could have treated him badly. He is here and no one will ever hurt him again, now. I love him.

May-Lah Closeup

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