Replacing Batteries
If my batteries wear out, just replace them and I will be ready to play again. I am so smart that I will remember my name and all the tricks you have taught me even after you change my batteries.

*******HELPFUL TIP: You will be able to tell when my batteries wear out because my behavior will become erratic and I will begin to not always respond to my sensors properly. If this happens, replace my batteries and I should return to normal!

Furby re-set If something does wrong with me, you may have to re-set me. If you re-set me, I will so a special dance that lets me fix what is wrong. When I am done with the dance, I will be ready to play again. It is important NOT to re-set me unless necessary.

How to Re-Set:

  1. Press the re-set button OR remove the batteries.

If something really goes wrong with me, you may have to re-start. if you re-start me, I will go back to the beginning and will not remember my name. If is starting all over again. It is important NOT to re-start me unless necessary because it will be like I never met you. You should only do this if all other ways to get me to work FAIL. Furby re-startPlease make sure you try and fix me with all the other options BEFORE RE-START!!

How To Re-Start:

  1. Hold me upside down.
  2. Put something in my mouth to hold down the mouth switch.
  3. While holding my mouth switch, press the re-set button OR replace the batteries.


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