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While I don't intend on collecting all of the Limited Editions, I do intend on collecting a few that I like as they are released. This page I'll display a picture of the Furby and a description of him and how I got him. However there will not be any other pictures of them because they won't be taken out of the box because of their collectability, for now at least. There are also a few non-limited editions that I have displayed on this page because they are special to me for one reason or another and I've decided to keep them in the box at this time. These may or may not be taken out of the box in the future.

purple Furby

*Limited Edition Spring Furby
I won this Furby in an auction on Ebay. I won him on 5/12/99 and actually received him in the mail on 5/24. I feel that even though I paid double price that this Furby is worth it. I have not seen one of these in the store, except on one occasion - in someone's cart after Kmart was sold out. He is numbered 14,267 of 250,000 pieces made.
patriot Furby

*Special Edition Patriot Furby
I obtained this Furby from KB Toys online. I went to the page and preordered him as soon as I knew of the existence, in mid May (5/16). The shipment was scheduled for after 5/31/99. I got notification of shipment on 6/5 and he arrived at my door on 6/11. He is not numbered. But the box says 'Furby K*B Toys Edition Limited to 72,000 Pieces'.
Wizard Furby

*Special Edition Wizard Furby
I went in search of and bought this Furby on 7/16/99 at Toys R Us. I paid regular price ($29.99). He has big blue eyes, black body, black ears, black toes, purple tummy, and a purple cape (with yellow starts and red bow) and hat. He is not numbered but the box says "Furby Special Toys R Us Edition Limited to 90,000 pieces."
Pink Flamingo Furby

*Pink Flamingo Furby
While this Furby is not a limited edition, he has ended up on this page due to the fact that I don't plan on opening him up. Though if I'm tempted, some day I might, untill then he's on this page. He is the elusive and rare pink flamingo Furby from generation series 3. I picked him up from TRU on 8/27/99. He is several shades of pink, has a tuft and tail, and grey eyes.
Millennium Furby

*Limited Edition Y2K Furby
This is the Shopko Exclusive Millennium Furby. Bought on 9/10/99. He is the more rare version of the Millennium Furby, having a blue tummy, and silver body. His eyes are closed but I can see they are blue colored eyes. It says Millennium Furby accross his sash on his chest. He is limited edition number 21,930 of 50,000.
Fall Furby

*Limited Edition Fall Furby
Also called the Halloween Furby. I acquired him on 10/2/99. He's got a big black and green hat on. He has an orange body and black tummy and feet. His inner ears are orage, the outter part of his ears are black. His eyes are brown and has a black tail below the edge of his hat in back. He is limited edition number 180,030 of 250,000 pieces made.
Sant Christmas Furby

*Limited Edition Holiday Furby
This is the Special Limited Edition Series 1999 Holiday Furby. Some call him the Santa Furby. I recieved him on 12/25/99 as a Christmas gift from my mother! He is red and white with black feet and blue eyes. He has a white mane and a Santa hat on his head, red with white trim and poof ball at the end. Embroidered on it in green is "Furby" in the logo font. He is limited edition number 288,121 of 500,000 made.
Ice Cycle White Furby

*Ice Cycle White Sparkle Furby
This little fellow is not a Limited Edition, however he is special to me! He is from the 6th generation of Furby adults. I searched high and low for this guy on ebay and IRL untill I finally found one on Ebay for a reasonable price. I won him on 1/2/00 and he arrived to me on 1/11/00. He has white fur with some shiny colorful stands mixed in. He also has tuft and tail with brown eyes. I may remove him from the box in the future.
Reverse Millennium Y2K Furby

*L. E. Reverse Y2K Furby
This is the millennium edition, less rare then the Shopko one. I acquired him on 2/2/2000. I was shopping for a Y2K Furby for one of my friends and I found two and decided to get one for him and one for me! He's blue with silver tummy. He has a white mane down his back and has blue eyes. The blue sash across his chest says "Year 2000 Furby" in silver writing. He is limited edition number 62,331 of 250,000 pieces made.
Lamb Furby Baby

*Lamb Furby Baby
This guy is also not a limited edition, but I have decided to keep him in the box for now. He is from the 3rd Gen Babies. He looks just like the adult Lamb Furby, but he is much smaller. He also is covered with 'wool', his tummy is the same color as the rest of his body. He is one of few 'solid' colored Baby Furbys. I heard 3rd Gen came out, so I was on a Furby hunt when I came across all 6 of them and picked him up on 2/27/00.

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