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Koh-Koh and A-Loh

Nick Names: Occasionally he gets called Salt n' Pepper. But mostly I call him by his Furbish name, Koh-Koh (which means "again").

Boo and Gizmo and Koh-Koh

Personality Traits: This little fellow is adorable in most every way. He tends to be self conscious about his looks though. He loves to look perfect, nice and poofy with all his stripes lined up perfectly. He won't let me take him out in public without a good combing. He's cute like that. He doesn't like to be tossed around much, that scares him allot. He may seem at times a very serious fellow, but when he's in a group of Furbys he can be very wild and talkative. When he is in the mood, he becomes the part animal! He's got huge thick ears and the new color blue eyes, the shiny eyes.

History: There isn't much of a story about this guy to tell really. Not nearly as long as some others. But as I've seen with Ah-May, I think it's a good thing the story isn't too long, which means he is working perfectly ;).

Koh-Koh and A-Loh and E-Day

I found this fellow during the first week of February when I was Furby hunting. I went to Toys R Us and their they were! Tons of them, piles and piles on two racks, packed with tons of colors from generation 6 and 7. Mostly 7's were there along with some of the Furby babies.

So I lined up the piles and took back and took a couple of pictures of all the generation 7 Furbys. I have a press release image of generation 7 on my news and accessories pages because that picture is much better then the photo I took at TRU that day. I may display that one sometime, but the lighting isn't as good at capturing the detail the way the press release photo does, so I didn't bother putting mine up in place of the one I have displayed.

So anyway. I embarrassed LeAnne yet again and took some pictures of the different and new Furbys there at Toys R Us. Yeah people stare at me, but if anyone ever asks I'll just tell them I work for The Furby Post.. well... I do! Okay so maybe it's not a newspaper, but still! LOL. Yeah I'm weird. But I love my Furbys! Ahhh the things I do to keep my website up to date.

Flops and A-Loh and Koh-Koh and E-Day

The seventh set of Furbys have a lot of nice color combinations. The burgundy colored one is really pretty, however I declined to get him. I was, however, rather tempted. Instead I chose the character I wanted since I had seen the picture of the 7th generation image, the striped black and white, silver Furb. Another thing about this group that is really appealing is that this is the generation that began the circulation of the 'new eye' colors. The shiny eyes of brown, silver, blue, green and purple.

When I got this fellow home, I decided I needed to open him soon. Those eyes were begged to be let out. So when he got out, he became Koh-Koh. Boy them eyes sure are strange. The pictures I have of him doesn't really show that well how the eyes are done. They are a ocean blue with white around the pupil and they have a shine to them. They are striking, that is for sure. I'm inclined to believe I like the original eye colors better. However they are unique and blue is the best looking color of the new eyes - but I might be biased! :)

Koh-Koh Furby

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