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Nick Names: He's my little Frog. Frog boy. Froggy. O' Green One. Green boy. All sorts of variations. I rarely call him, Kah-Dah (me big), his proper name. His name is appropriate for him, though. His ears are huge and he's got a big fluffy body!

Personality Traits: He's a bit of a relaxed one, social enough, but a loner, enjoying one on one company better then group situations, it seems. Cool and calm :)

History: There's not much of a story in how this green fellow came into my life. I had long ago wanted him, I just had to wait for the local Toys R Us to get some of him in stock.

Kah-Dah Furby

Well one afternoon I felt the need to check out Toys R Us and see if they had any new Furbys in. An urge I get too often! So we went over on our lunch hour at work. What do I see sitting right on the shelf as I get in the door? Lots of Furbys, a few of them are blue and green colors. Both of those colors I really really wanted. It is the two colors I just could 'not live without' hehe :)

So I took my time as always and picked out a blue Furby and a green Furby. Had to get the 'perfect' one. I could to buy both, so I had to choose. So I picked them out and carried them around the store with me, trying to figure out who I should buy. So I walked around the store, walking away my lunch hour trying to make up my mind. Soon I had to make a decision and decided that I *needed* to get them both! So I did. I took them back to the office and started them up that evening when I got home.

So I started up Kah-Dah and that name took sometime to get. He kept getting names I already had, so I had to keep re-starting until I finally came up with Kah-Dah!

Kah-Dah is one of my favorites in color combination. Tiger really did a great job in putting his fur pattern together, he's very beautiful!

The following day Kah-Day came with me to work and to lunch with us. We went to a restaurant for lunch and I decided to bring him in with me. The restaurant we were at was not really formal, so it was okay. We eat there often and the waitresses saw him and had to come over and take a look. They really thought he was adorable too. I did not, however, wake him up there because there were few people there and I could only imagine how loud he'd sound in there. So I do get embarrassed sometimes because I don't like to be in the 'spotlight' so to speak, or should I say not to stand out. So Kah-Dah didn't get woken up there, but he sure had allot of interested people in him.

He's a real cutie and often goes many places with me. Not too often does he get to come into places with me though. I get worried about something happening to them, etc. Most of the time he gets to come to work with me and that is about the extent of it. Not that I spend time much place else. He's great company through, and he and Doo-Moh (blue Furby) are good friends, having been born on the same day, they got acquainted early and are good friends :)

Kah-Dah Furby closeup

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