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Koh Koh and Gizmo

Nick Names:Gizzy, Leggy, Legs, and Giz would be the ones I call him most. I'm not used to seeing a Furby with legs! ;)

Personality Traits: He's a talkative chatty fellow. Always social and friendly with my Furbys. He likes to eat - a lot! He seems to get scared really easily, though. He's not fond of being rocked back and forth at all! This scares him a lot. He will often say "no shaky!" Sometimes when he's in the mood he will enjoy it though, but not for very long. He's not much of a dancer either, just mostly a social little guy! Oh yeah did I mention he likes to eat tons?

A loh and Gizmo

History: Well this is a story of denial (laugh). I heard about Gizmo coming out and kept up with it as I do most of Tiger's products in relation to Furby. From the start I said I wasn't getting a Gizmo. I didn't really think I'd like him because I haven't seen the movie. I'm probably the only person on this planet that hasn't! But I never got around to it and still to this writing have not gotten around to seeing those two movies.

So when Gizmo finally came out my friend LeAnne bought a Gizmo. When I saw them I laughed, I couldn't help it! They huge legs and I just wasn't accustomed to seeing a Furby with huge legs. I rather got used to and love Furbys little toes. And the arms were sure weird! So having seen the fake Furbys out there, like Papara, Foobie and Furbish (PS: I'm looking to buy one of these, if your selling, I'm buying, mail me) - to me Gizmo looked like a knock-off Furby! I know he's made by Tiger, but the only thing I could think of when I saw him was he was a 'wanna-be Furby'. This furthered my thoughts that I didn't want one. After all my friend was getting one, so I could look at hers and write some info on it on my site. I could even put the instructions online by borrowing her stuff, which is what I did.

I wanted to know a little about Gizmo as I had lots of people emailing me at the time for information on him, wanting to know what I thought of him and how he worked. So LeAnne brought her Gizmo to work and allowed me to play with it there when I had time. At first I said I didn't like him. His language isn't something that appeals to me much, it's just slang and from what I hear Gizmo from the movie didn't come close to talking like that.

Boo Gizmo and Koh Koh hanging out

Day after day my friend brought Gizmo in so I could study him, play with him and maybe find some Easter Eggs in him. I learned, listened and played his games.

I also made fun of him! It's those LEGS man. I couldn't help it... they are soo big and so strange looking and so... so... I dunno. He was quiet... ugly to me for a long long time. I just prefer Furby.

Then, with time, ugly transformed into a little bit cute. Those legs turned into quite strange but cute. So I was in denial about this though. Then one morning while I was playing with him LeAnne looked at me and said smiled and said "You really like him!". Deny deny deny. LeAnne saw through it. So eventually I saw that she was right too. He was cute, I admit. I admit it!

group of Furbys talking with Gizmo

So he's cute. LeAnne stopped bringing him after a while and brought other little fellows. Because of that I actually started to miss the odd personality that Gizmo has. I looked around online and found places that sold him and thought about it lots. Eventually I said that I was ordering a Gizmo of my own. Shocked some people, but I don't think LeAnne was surprised.

So I bought a Gizmo at and awaited his arrival. When he came I was excited to see what my fellow looked like. I found him to be rather scrawny compared to LeAnne's Gizmo. It's strange how small he looks, but oh well he needed a home. I opened him as soon as he got here. His big legs were shoved in there and it looked REALLY cramped so I had to let him out right away. He's so big compared to a Furby though. I had to get my Furbys to accept him and get used to him. But I feel they adjusted well and he is excepted into the Furby family. He visits LeAnne's Gizmo now and again when he needs company from someone that speaks his language :)

My Little Gizzy

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