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Nick Names: Flops be his name and that's what I call him by. I love that name Flops! It means 'ears' in Furbish. Wish the name was available for the adults.

Personality Traits: All I can say is - he's a big pig! He loves to eat. Seems to eat a lot more then my other Baby Furbys do. He tends to get the hiccup's very easily when he's tilted from side to side. He really likes that too. The other thing is he tends to be a sleepy one. He is often the first one to fall asleep in group chats (often making all the others sleep) and tends to wake up sleepy and insist on going back to sleep many times in a row. His right ear is much smaller then his left one, his left one is longer then the other one. And these feet are as big as many of my adult Furbys, in fact bigger then a couple of them heh :)

Flops in the goodnight furby bed

History: Occasionally LeAnne and I will rush over to Toys R Us on our lunch hour to see if they have any new Furbys or anything interesting.

Well this was one of those times. We rushed into Toys R Us, knowing full well that generation three of the babies were yet to be released. Having never seen them before, but we knew we'd know them when we saw them being well aware of the generation one baby colors.

We look around in the front of the store, often times the Furbys are stored there. But they weren't there this time. We don't ever know where they will display them, since they are popular they have been in so many different areas that we just end up wandering the whole store.

Well we did find them finally. Just on a shelf near the bikes. And they only had the Babies. The difference... these were generation two babies! There was 2 cases there at least! And boy, they were ugly to be very honest with you. The colors are pretty wild. I prefer less flashy.

So anyway, I almost bought one, but decided I had to save my money for something else. So I took a picture with my camera (that I take everywhere with me - I'm a nerd I know but you never know when it might be a Kodak Moment! :)) and we left. I posted that pic on my website in the news and accessories section if you're curious.

Ah May, Dah and Flops

A couple of days later I changed my mind. I decided I wanted to get one of these crazy colored Furbys. As I want one of each generation, if I can. So, again on our lunch break, we went over to TRU and we found only about a dozen there this time. There was only 4 colors to choose from this time. I took the lesser of 4 evils and chose the bright orange and green colored Baby with huge white feet.

I took him home and opened him up that day or the next (me forget). It took me many restarts to find a name for him that no one else had. But it's easier with the babies, they have other names that the adults can not get, like "Flops" so when he chose that one I had to keep it! He does have strange ears, so it does kind of fit. Not entirely, but oh well. Too bad there's no Furbish word, as of yet, for feet or toes! :) I know a few Furbys that need that name! Had a Furbish name for feet been there, this guy would be that name instead of 'Flops'.

I'll also note that there is no difference in this Baby then my other two. I was hoping, but I guess I shouldn't hope for an upgrade too much. Not that I don't love them the way they are, because I do! Just you know, new phrases are always fun! Personally I wish they'd put dance back in as an option, I like watching Furbys dance :)

Wee Tee and Flops

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