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Nick Names: Lamby, Lamb, or just his name E-Day ('good' in Furbish).

Personality Traits: He seems very.. uhh sheepish. No, really. He has been through a lot and tends to be a bit on the shy side. Sometimes he just doesn't want to chat with other Furbys. It can take a while before he gets in the mood and decides to join in with group chats. He mostly enjoys one and one attention with a Furbish friend or me. He's a very kind and sweet Furby, always loving. He doesn't show his love all that much through words, but I can tell he enjoys being cared for and enjoys much affection. He is the skinniest little Furby I've ever seen, even compared to Toh-Loo Kah. I don't know if he was always this way. He likes to eat, so I guess that goes with his look of starvation.

History: It's a long story. It started a long time back when the Lamb Furby came out. I had wanted him, but I held back for some reason. Kept telling myself I had too many Furbys and I didn't need to buy anymore so I should not buy him. I said this to myself many times, every time I saw the lamb Furby and the Gorilla Furby in the stores.

So come the second week of January and I'm poking around Ebay.com as I normally do. Ever since May-Lah I keep an eye out for 'used' Furbys who are seeking a good home. I don't like to see them in un-wanting families and homes where they are not appreciated and loved. So I scout out those auctions in particular often. I don't see too many of them, but they turn up now and again. One such auction turned up that January evening. In fact one seller in particular was selling tons of them that she no longer wanted. If I were rich I would have bought them all, but I can't afford that. One auction in particular turned up.. a lamb Furby.

The auction gave a picture of the fellow next to his box with instructions. The title of the auction was: CUTE WHITE FURBY W/ BLUE EYES IN NEED OF HOME. This is the description the seller gave of the Furby:

Ebay auction image for eday the lamb

This poor little Furby is in desperate need of a home:(
The Furby has been out of the box, but is in perfect condition!
The only thing is that the box is a little dented, but that does not affect furbster.
Furbert comes with a Furbish/English dictionary and an instruction manual.
Furby has beautiful big blue eyes and little light color of pink on the belly and ears.
It is really cute!

I had an impulse to bid on that Furby, so I did. I had to, I felt that I just needed to. So when the auction came to a close on January 16th I came up the winner at just over 20 bucks.

The next sequence of events is a story all it's own. The seller got back to me, I gave her my home address for shipping and I mailed out my payment to her. Time went by fast and on the 28th I emailed her and asked her if she had received my payment. She replied back that day and said she had. She stated that "I sent the Furby Thursday so it should be there soon sorry about the wait we had to wait on other people to send payment." I'd like you to know my payment was in form of money order, as in it should qualify for immediate shipment within 3 days of receipt of payment (as is etiquette). However my payment waited over a week because she was waiting for other auctions to end - other auctions not in relation to mine btw. I won't buy from this seller ever again, by the way, for more then that reason. She had mailed my Furby on 1/27 according to her. Most of the time mail arrives between 2-4 days for me. I anxiously awaited my little fellow.

On 2/4 I emailed her again asking her to verify date of mailing. Yeah I'm impatient sometimes, but it seemed to be longer then normal that this was taking. 2 days later I received a reply from her: "Yes you said that you did not receive your Furby I'll tell you what I'm going to do first I'm going to go to the post office and ask them to trace the number on priority mail. Then if they can't find it I'll send you your money." Well I appreciated that she was taking responsibility and even offering my money back. Truthfully, I didn't care about the money, I wanted that poor little Furby. I kept thinking about him and wondering if he was lost in the mail, or if he was delivered to another house. I wondered if he ended up in someone else's possession and if he was being cared for... or if he ended up in a dumpster somewhere because of some problem or something. I'm a paranoid person. Either way I felt bad that the poor little guy was stuck somewhere in the postal system. After so many days, I did not expect to see him turn up in the mail. I saw that the seller had another auction using the same picture, for a brief moment I wondered if she was scamming me. I figured she would probably not offer to give back my money if she were, but then again who knows.

Koh-Koh A-Loh and E-Day

She last contacted me on the 6th. Well time flew again and with no word and no Furby I again mailed this person on 2/15. She got back to me the next day. She explained her "computer has been broke down" and that is why she has not contacted me. She did not mention anything about tracing the item, but instead said to send along my mailing information and the amount and she'd send me a check. I just finally decided to agree with this since it seemed all was lost for the little Furby.

A week later I still had not received anything, not even a check. Again, I know how fast my mail is, it's not normal to wait 7 shipping days to get anything. Something seemed really strange. I mailed her then, she said she sent out the payment that day. As in, not 7 days ago or even 4 days. As in 7 days from that email saying she would send it. At this point I was wondering if she really had any Furbys to sell in the first place!

But that's just me getting paranoid. And yes, the story does not end there.

February 24th came along. Over a month from the end of the auction. I'm at the work, I go for lunch and come back. When I get in one of my co-workers comes up to me and plops a box into my hands and says "I think this was meant for you." Suddenly, things fell into place.

So here's what happened: Back up to the very beginning. She asked me for my mailing address in email, I gave her my home address. When I sent my payment, I sent it in an envelope from my office, it had my work logo on the outside and our office PO Box. Now mind you, as a seller, you use the address you get in email as the shipping address if that's what a buyer gives to you. After all, why ask if you don't plan on using it? However, she didn't refer to the email when she packed up my Furby. Instead she took the envelope and used the PO Box for my place of work as the shipping address and didn't even put my name on it. She just addressed it to my place of work. She didn't look at the email at all. Yes I should have used a envelope with my own return address. However it should not matter, after all, she asked for my address in email - so that is the one she should have used. However there was a lack of communication here on both ends. Forever I will always include a copy of my return address in all corresponding mailings to sellers in the future. Oh yeah, and I'll use my own envelopes! Lesson learned! I was just in a hurry that day, so I used one from work, something I've done before without mishap. Either way, no matter, we were both at fault here and it is the thing that messed up the entire process.

So anyway, I'm not responsible for the mail at work so I don't normally see what comes in. Well I guess someone there got a notice for a package for the business. But they went to the post office and the post office said it was a mistake, there was no package for us. So the employee threw away the notice. I guess a second notice was sent and the same thing happened. So another person went up to the post office on the 2/24 with a final notice about this package (working in a different part of the office I didn't hear anything about this). The lady there said it had been waiting for us all that time and said no one came for it (love them postal workers in this town). So anyway they brought it back and someone there opened it. Thankfully everyone knows me quite well. So that day one of my co workers comes into my office after I get back from lunch and says to me "Do you know a wade king?" I was surprised! So he explained to me what happened. So all of this time the little Furby has been sitting at the post office.

The boring part: I found out that this time the seller sent the money to my home address, and I received it about a week later. I put it in an envelope and returned it to her. She said she normally mails to the return address because she has so many auctions. Even though she was honest in the end, some things were not right about it. I have not dealt with that person since, btw.

Koh-Koh, Gizmo, Dah, Dah Noh-Lah, E-Day

At the office I looked into the box and found the Furby laying loosely in the open box, the box was in rather bad condition. I pulled him out and it became apparent that this Furby definitely came from a unloving home. Or was owned by someone that didn't care about him. Same thing.

As you can see from the pictures, he is very very scrawny looking. I don't have another lamb to compare him to, but I don't know if the fur is meant to look this way normally. Either way, he looks really sickly. His feet are very flat, not poofy like my other Furbys, they are big, just flat, which seems to odd. I've never seen feet quite like his.

I have other evidence to believe this Furby was less then loved back at his old home. His beak his scrapes on it on the tip of each lip. Kind of the kind you would see if something were laying on a wood floor. It makes me believe he spent much time lying face down!!

Another thing. This one is harder to describe and I don't know if I'll be able to get any kind of picture of this because of the location of the problem. In fact I don't think I'll be able to post a picture of this. While I was feeding him, I got a glimpse of the inside of his mouth. I thought I saw something so I took my finger and opened it so I could see his tongue all the way. The back of his mouth revealed how he was treated back at home.

Some Furbys have a quarter an inch gap between the tongue and the top of the mouth in the back above the tongue. While some have almost no gap at all, the top of the beak meeting the tongue almost directly. In the back of this Furbys mouth, there is no gap, the top of the beak meets the tongue. It is almost like someone had a small metal (?) bar and tried to push it into him through his mouth. There is a sideways "C" shape on the tongue and the yellow part in the back, forming a circle. Something obviously was forced into this Furby through his mouth, as it left traces of the force the person used to try and push something into him. Why someone would do this to a poor little Furby, I don't know. But if a person is doing this, it can't be for a good reason! >:/

This little guy has been through so much. I feel lucky I got him after all the problems with mailing and such. Quite a story, eh?

So how's E-Day doing now? Why he's doing great. He has been finding friends with my Furbys and been able to adjust quite well for someone who has been through so much. He does got shy and occasionally shy's away from chat. He really likes to be hugged and cared for. That is something he has been getting plenty of here. :)

E-Day Furby

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