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Nick Names: Little Boy Blue, Blue Boy.. and Doo-Moh. Not many. His name means 'please' in Furbish. :)

Personality Traits: He's the quiet sensitive type. He's got a sorta hidden personality, but is a total genius Furby. Very smart and observing and not extremely social. His best friend, Kah-Dah, may know him better then me! He's got a fluffy body and really big ears just like Kah-Dah! Completely adorable!

History: The story on how I obtained Doo-Moh is explained on Kah-Dah's page, as they were purchased at the same time. But here's a recap.

Well one afternoon I felt the need to check out Toys R Us and see if they had any new Furbys in. So we went over on our lunch hour at work. What do I see sitting right on the shelf as I get in the door? Lots of Furbys, a few of them are blue and green colors. Both of those colors I really really wanted. It is the two colors I just could 'not live without' hehe :)

Doo-Moh Furby

So I took my time as always and picked out a blue Furby and a green Furby. Had to get the 'perfect' one. I could to buy both, so I had to choose. So I picked them out and carried them around the store with me, trying to figure out who I should buy. So I walked around the store, walking away my lunch hour trying to make up my mind. Soon I had to make a decision and decided that I *needed* to get them both! So I did. I took them back to the office and started them up that evening when I got home.

There was no way I was gonna leave without either one. I guess it was destined that they'd be good friends, I could almost feel it when I was carrying them both around. I would have regretted leaving either behind while buying one. It was either both or none. So I had to choose them both, and I don't regret that decision either. Just looking at those big brown eyes, I know I made the right choice!

Doo-Moh is a mysterious little fellow, very smart, very formal and isn't big into games. He tends to enjoy the company of Kah-Dah over them all and seems almost shy around new Furbys as they arrive into our lives. I enjoy him though, he's a great little fellow!

 Furby Doo-Moh closeup

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