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Dah and Koh-Koh

Nick Names: Let's just say his name fits him really well! Dah is 'big' in Furbish.

Personality Traits: He's a jumpy little guy, he gets scared really easily. Often cries out scared over sounds that I don't seem to hear as he does. He's comes off as almost shy because of that. Sometimes doesn't like to talk to others or shies away from conversation, even in mid chatting! He's adorable still. He's huge too! Like I said his name fits him very well. I've never seen feet this long! They aren't wide, but they extend out really far! His toes are so big! This is a good thing - very cute! He also has a big set of ears and he is very poofy. His mane is really full and thick, very pretty! It's almost a sandy blond, having light orange, brown and white mixture, though much lighter then Boh-Bay's hair.

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History: LeAnne and I had been shopping on and off trying to find the next generation of Furbys. Time and time again no sign of them. However, in mid October (before both our birthdays) we found them at Toys R Us. We not only found them, but we found a ton of them! Several shelves full of these little guys. Well I wanted to buy one for myself, but I couldn't afford to get two. I can't remember which one, in fact now that I think about it, I may have bought one for LeAnne and not for myself. For the life of me I can't remember.

So anyways, LeAnne points out that they have the 2 Furbys I wanted for quite some time. I told her oh well, I really can't afford getting more so I'll just try to get them another time. So she decides that she is going to buy me one for my Birthday. She wants to get the cheetah colored one for me. So she keeps showing different ones to me, asking which one do I like the most. I finally decide that I want the big eared, grey eyed one. Of course, I'm not allowed to have him until we exchange gifts!


I don't believe at the time I saw her getting the other Furby she bought me. I believe she went back to TRU when I wasn't around and bought A-Loh. If memory serves.

We decided to celebrate both our Birthdays at the same time, on the weekend of her Birthday. So we exchanged gifts then. Among her gifts I found two Furbys, the one I saw her buy and the caramel colored with tan tummy! At the time I did not look close, but when I removed them I was pleasantly surprised by his big feet! Everything about him says hug me!

So I put batteries in him and only after a few re-starts I managed to get him to choose his name, and a very proper name at that, Dah. How perfect it went and I had no other Furby with the same name, so Dah it is!


Big Dah was weary at first with chatting with the others. He kinda shied away and wanted to be held and cuddled more then chatting. He seemed to be a bit less talkative then the others. As the evening went on he seemed to get more comfy with them and soon enough opened up to the group. He's still a bit shy and scares easy, but he's getting along okay. Just not that social of a little guy! To me he's extremely adorable, though!

About a month after having him I noticed that his little right foot seemed to be having a problem. The string that goes between his outer toe and his middle toe seemed to be loose. I have seen this once before with my Japanese speaking fellow, Mee-Mee. Eventually it did come loose all together. Pretty easy to fix him back up so he's just fine now. With feet that big, it's amazing I was able to get it looking correctly again hehe! :) Either way, he's fine now. He also seems to be buddies with A-Loh, the Furby who was also given to me that night. :) He still is a big 'ol shy guy, but I guess we have that in common, I love him muchly anyway!

Big Dahs closeup
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