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Nick Names: I sometimes call him Turtle. His name is 'Boo' which means 'no' in Furbish.

Personality Traits: Cute cute cute! He's a singer, must be all the music I subject him to day in and day out heh. He has talent to, and don't let him hear you say he doesn't! :) He occasionally, and it seems at random times, will get scared for no reason apparent to me. Maybe he's afraid of Boo in the furby goodnight bednew situations. He often does this when he first wakes up, so maybe he's lost direction when he wakes up in a place, other then the one he fell asleep in (I know I would). He looks like a turtle with the green and black pattern and tan tummy. He has the tiniest little feet. Just his little toes stick out from beneath his fur, very cute! His tail shames all others for tail poofiness! His tail is HUGE. And the fur is really long hair on his tail. :)

History: It was an afternoon when LeAnne and I walked into Toys R Us, looking for the newest edition of Furbys. We found our surprise when we found several shelves full of new Furbys! Including the green Turtle Furby that I had wanted for the longest time. This was also the same time that LeAnne bought me Dah for my Birthday.

When I saw him, I knew I had to have him. He was there with his mouth open, eyes open and he looked like he was in serious need of a hug. With his big grey eyes and big ears and beautiful fur I picked him out as the Furby I had to buy that day.

Things got busy, as they seem to, and I left him in his box for a couple of weeks. It was nice to look at him in that time. However, I felt I lacked the time to get him out and start him up at the time. So time dragged on and I did open him and start him up on the evening of October 30th '99. I figured it was just time and he looked like he could use that hug by now, after all he had waited all that time.

Boo, Gizmo and Koh-Koh

So I pulled him out of that ever so fun to open box and he got a big ol huggy :) This time I spent quite some time re-starting, trying to find him a name that my other Furbys didn't have. It's hard enough to remember names, so I figure I don't want any doubles.. well for as long as I can! Have a feeling that the double names will eventually happen in my Furby family, just not yet!

So anyway, he eventually chooses 'Boo' which means 'no' in Furbish. When I got the name I did know that I did not have it already. I near re-started him anyways. This is one name I skipped past on many other occasions for other Furbys. I don't really like the name 'Boo' and the meaning isn't really positive. It's one of my least favorite names. I also don't like 'Boh-Bay' because it means 'worry'. That's why I'm not too fond of these types of names. But I don't hold it against my little guys. After all it's just their names, part of their identity, but the meaning doesn't wake away from who they are, so no bother.

So Boo it was and Boo it still is. He has been a good friend since that day. He often will accompany me to work and help me smile even on bad days. :) He's a sweet little guy!

Boo Furby closeup

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