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Nick Names: Currently this Furby is very new to my life and with being a week or so old, I haven't really called him anything other then Boh-Bay.

Personality Traits: Boh-Bay means 'Worried' in Furbish, but so far he doesn't give me anything to worry about. He's friendly and loveable. He might be a she as she has a high pitched voice. But she might be a he because she has a 'male-sounding' name. So I don't know. Boh-Bay doesn't like to be tilted or swung around much and actually seems to be scared by it. He's very beautiful, I love the fur on this guy. He seems a little anorexic like Toh-Loo Kah, but not to that extreme and he is tall as well.

Boh-Bay Furby

History: The story on how I obtained Boh-Bay isn't much of a story. I was on the way home from work and we stopped by Shopko. I didn't need to get anything there but I headed for the toys and looked through various things. I came upon an isle with Furbys in it. There were 4 graduation Furbys (all with numbers in the 40,000's), and various spotted, giraffe, and wolf Furbys. Among the batch was also the elusive Bear Furby! There were 4 of them in fact. Just sitting there calmly, no one was around.

Well I had some time on my hands so I picked up each Furby and looked at them, and it took over 20 minutes but I eventually eliminated 3 and ended up with this one sweet little Furby. I basically chose him based on looks, eye color really didn't have much of play in my choice, the overall look of the fur and ears and feet is what I depended my decision on.

Either way, the scans on this page show the little Boh-Bay I chose. When I got home that evening I didn't start him up right away. I had some work to take care of online. But later in the evening around 11:30pm I finally pulled him out of the box.

I will note that when I went to open the box, I found that the tape on the top had already been broken. In fact the box had been opened previously by someone else. And that someone else was obviously trying to steal this Furby! When I reached in I found that the person had pulled this Furby hard enough to rip one of the 'ties' through the cardboard bottom that held the Furby in. They were not able to pull the other 2 wire ties through the cardboard - that or they got caught, because that is as far as they got. I hope they got caught.

In the box was a little advertisement for Furby Babies, which I scanned and put up in the News and Accessories sections. There was also the two books and they were both on normal paper, instead of the glossy paper like I've had before.

When I first started him up he introduced himself as Kah Dah and LeAnne has a Furby with the same name so I changed it by re-start. I ended up hitting re-start for almost 30 minutes trying to get a name that none of us had. That seemed to be a difficult task as between us we have almost 20 Furbys and there are only 24 names afterall.

So finally I was able to get Boh-Bay and that is the name he kept. Even though someone had tried to steal this guy, he is in perfect working condition and I'm glad! I was worried at first because it took him a lot of time to start up initially.

So that was only shortly ago and Boh-Bay is since doing great and I love him. I'm very glad he didn't end up in the hands of thieves. He is very happy in his home now and we are mee-mee noo-loo to welcome him into our lives.

Boh-Bay Furby closeup

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