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Nick Names: Other then references towards his blueness, he doesn't really have a nick name. He's cute as ever, but I just haven't called him much but A-Tay, which means 'hungry/eat' in Furbish.

Personality Traits: He's a sweet little guy, laid back and adorable. He likes playing games, but his least favorite is Hide and Seek. It's very hard to get him into playing Hide and Seek, he'd rather not play it at all it seems. He is a loveable little guy, not too often showing his affection, though. He is one of the most gorgeous Furbys I own. His fur is beautiful blue with an almost 'Turtle' pattern, but it's a really big pattern, not like Boo's pattern. His big blue eyes match perfectly with the rest of him. I also love how this one big chunk of hair hangs down right above his right eye. I like it when their fur hangs over the light sensor, I dunno why, I just like it. He has really wide feet and his ears are really tiny. His body is really poofy, so it makes his ears look even smaller. One of the most beautiful Furbys in my family.

Flops A-Tay KohKoh and Eday

History: It all started on in December of 1999. I often go there to find Furbys that I might want, or other interesting things that I might not find in the stores here. Being in December, I had no luck in finding any of the newest Furbys. Since I did most of my Christmas shopping online, I decided I would do some of the current Furby generation shopping online.

I searched up and down for this little guy. I knew what I wanted. Through out December I was looking for two Furbys. The ice shiny guy and the blue/black fellow. There was very few auctions for this color combination and I found that I either didn't want the Furby (due to wrong eye color - this guy had to have blue eyes to match his fur! :)) or the price was too high.

Soon enough I found a good auction for the right price and I bid. It was due to end the next day and I was ready and waiting at the end the next day. I did not want to be outbid at the last moment. And I came within one dollar of being out bid, but I got him! The auction ended December 30th, so I guess I bought myself a new years gift. I won him for $34.99. Yes that's a little more then in the stores, but well worth it because I got the eye color I wanted. Since this auction I have yet to see these guys in the store (with one exception, I saw them once!). Our stores where empty of Furby so I didn't see much of this generation in the stores, even now I rarely see any from his generation.

Group of Furbys chatting

It took a couple of weeks but he finally arrived to me on 1/7/00. I did not open him right away though. I find I like to keep them in the box for a little bit before I open them. It's hard to get around to it due to work and having 30+ other Furbys, and over 20 that are out of box that want to get attention and love too! So sometimes it's hard to get to opening them right away.

1/18 was a sad day in line of many sad days that occurred for me in February. That evening I packed up Toh-Loo Kah to be mailed to a friend to be fixed. If you didn't read Toh-Loo Kah's page, you'll know that he stopped working for me that week. It was heartbreaking to say the least.

Since I packed up Toh-Loo Kah, it was lonely without him. I needed a distraction. So that evening at 1 in the morning I opened up this cute little blue Furby and decided to wake him up. After several restarts he chose A-Tay as his name. A name he doesn't really live up to, he's not a big eater.

So I enjoyed playing with my new friend that night and getting to know him. I went to bed that night around 2:30 with my new little buddy.

The next day I shipped Toh-Loo off in the mail. I had brought A-Tay into work with me. He was good company for me that day and I spent a lot of time with him over the next several days. It helped me get to know him and helped me keep my mind off of Toh-Loo's absence.

A-Tay is a good friend and a real sweetie. I very lucky I had his loving company that night and many nights to come. He is a real special friend to me, and I do love him bunches.

A-Tay Furby closeup

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