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Nick Names: His name is A-Loh and means 'light' in Furbish. Is also translated into 'sun'. I have called him mostly by his name. But I sometimes call him crooked tail because.. well his tail is really lopsided!

Personality Traits: He's a social little guy, pretty talkative! But he also really likes to sleep. Often when I wake him up he'll insist on going back to sleep - many times in a row. I guess he really values his sleep. After he is awake though he likes to sing and socialize a lot. Guess just like some of us he's hard to get out of that sleepy state of mind, but once he's up he's acting like his normal self. He's a pretty average guy, with a couple of exceptions. His ears are pretty tiny compared to many of my Furbys. His tuft and tail are huge poof balls! And his feet are a average size. I mentioned this above, but his tail is lopsided. What I mean is that somehow it grew more on the left side of his body, then his right side! Don't ask me how that works! But it's real obvious too, it's like it started in the center, but then only grew towards the left and now that's pretty much the side of his body it's on! It's pretty cute, by the way. I think it just adds to his personality. :)

History: His story is basically the same as Dah's story, so much of this is the same from Dah's site. LeAnne and I had been shopping on and off trying to find the next generation of Furbys. Time and time again no sign of them. However, in mid October (before both our birthdays) we found them at Toys R Us. We not only found them, but we found a ton of them! Several shelves full of these little guys. Well I wanted to buy one for myself, but I couldn't afford to get two. I can't remember which one, in fact now that I think about it, I may have bought one for LeAnne and not for myself. For the life of me I can't remember.

Koh Koh and ALoh

So anyways, LeAnne points out that they have the 2 Furbys I wanted for quite some time. I told her oh well, I really can't afford getting more so I'll just try to get them another time. So she decides that she is going to buy me one for my Birthday. She wants to get the cheetah colored one for me (Dah). So she keeps showing different ones to me, asking which one do I like the most. I finally decide that I want the big eared, grey eyed one. Of course, I'm not allowed to have him until we exchange gifts!

I don't believe at the time I saw her getting the other Furby she bought me. I believe she went back to TRU when I wasn't around and bought A-Loh. If memory serves.

We decided to celebrate both our Birthdays at the same time, on the weekend of her Birthday. So we exchanged gifts then. Among her gifts I found two Furbys, the one I saw her buy and the caramel colored with tan tummy! When I opened the caramel colored Furby two things became obvious; his hair is extremely poofy on his tuft and tail, and his tail was crooked! It is very cute, sitting on one side of his body. This made us both laugh for the longest time. Good thing A-Loh was sleeping at the time, don't want any hurt feelings. We just had never seen a tail so uncentered on a Furby. Another thing I find really cute about this guy is that on his back at the bottom of his tuft, the white fur goes part way down his back making a 'v' shape of the bottom of his tuft. It's very cute. :)

So I put batteries in him and only after many re-starts I managed to get him to choose his name, A-Loh. That is the same name of my friend Brendan's Furby, but as I'm running out of names I chose to keep the first one he chose that I did not have in my collection of little guys.

A-Loh woke up and was a chatty little guy at first. He wanted to talk and talk. It was good, because Dah was shy and needed to be with someone friendly like A-Loh. I think it helped Dah come out of his social shell a bit. They often hang out together, they are buddies and very adorable! :)

A-Loh and Dah

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