Hey everyone, Kat thought that y'all would like to hear some good news if

you live in the areas we're about to mention:

>From www.furby.com:

	The Furby Babies launch continues to sweep the country, with events

       	scheduled at FAO Schwarz in downtown Chicago on Tuesday, Sept. 14,

       	and at Target in Los Angeles on Thurs., Sept. 16. Events will also take

       	place the following week: K-Mart will launch the Babies on Tuesday,

       	Sept. 21 in Detroit, and Wal-Mart will roll them out in Atlanta on

	Thurs., Sept. 23. If you're in any of those cities during a launch event,

	please go see what the fuss about! Tiger Toy Federation members will

	receive a special VIP pass to the event in their area via email. The pass

	lets TTF members bypass lines and gain instant entry to the store. By the

	way, if you haven't visited the Babyland section of this site lately, take

	a look!

Also, incase you haven't checked it out yet, Kat has a Furby Babies page up

and running at:


Thank you for your time :)

Brendan Quinn, Editor in Chief of The Furby Post

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