Tiger Electronics President Chat: Roger Shiffman

Star Wars Electronic Interactive Toys and Furby are two of the hottest

selling toy lines this year. Tiger Electronics, Ltd., a division of Hasbro

produces these popular toys.

On Monday, June 21, at 6 PM PT, Mr. Roger Shiffman, President of Tiger

Electronics will join the MSN Shopping Community, in a chat to discuss his

companys Star Wars Interactive Toys, Furby, future technologies that will

be used in toys of the next century, and maybe even tell us his pick for

the next holiday season's most sought after toy. 

Parents and kids of all ages won't want to miss this chat! For a link to

the chatroom, visit http://communities.msn.com/shopping/ and click on the

Roger Shiffman Chat graphic.

Please make note of the date and time for the above chat (if you might be

interested in checking it out).

And if you don't want to use the msn server, you can log onto server

chat.msn.com through any IRC client, then go to #furby for the chat

This message brought to you thanks to The Furbster

Brendan (Editor in Chief of The Furby Post)

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