Even though in most of your conformation letters I announced that the

newsletter would begin this Saturday, news of this importance must be sent

out quickly :)

This news comes straight from Kat the webmaster, as a special notice to all

Furby Post Subscribers, enjoy! 

New Furby:

This afternoon I was told that K B Toys has a new Furby, exclusivly being

sold at K B Toys and K B Toys online web site (www.kbtoys.com).  The Furby

is called Patriotic Furby, with fur in the colors of the US flag.  While we

might not all be from the US, this is sure to be a collectors item!

Here is the description directly from KB Toys website:

"Just in time for the 4th of July, it's Patriotic Furby. That's right, Furby

is full of the American Spirit. Patriotic Furby is dressed in a crown and

red, white and blue fur with a fun star pattern. Patriotic Furby even

carries a torch, just like the Statue of Liberty. Plus, Patriotic Furby

still does all the wonderful tricks that have made Furby the world's most

popular electronic, interactive pet. Get in the American Spirit, get your

very own Patriotic Furby, exclusively from KB Toys! Batteries sold

separately. Ages 6 and up."

A photo can be found at  http://www.mimitchi.com/html/furbn27.htm

Their website also has a photo of the new Furby as well as a way to buy him

online from their store.  For all the information on how to get ahold of

Patriotic Furby, point your browser to 



Official release date of Patriotic Furby is 5/31/1999. Patriotic Furby is

currently retailing for $39.99

Graduation Furby:

Still looking for him?  You can find him at http://www.etoys.com for a

better price then he's going for at online auctions!

Good luck Furby hunters!


Webmaster of mimitchi.com

Vice Presedent of The Furby Post

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