Hi everybody :) before I start off this newsletter I just wanted to make

some personal comments first.  When Kat asked me to start this newsletter,

I thought it would be rather impersonal from the side of the reader.  At

most I thought I'd get a few questions about the letter, or Furbys in

general and that would be it.  After yesterday though, I realized that I

had been mistaken.  I've recieved emails from over forty of The Post's

readers wishing me a happy birthday and as I'm writing this they are still

coming in.  I've recieved emails from various parts of Europe and Asia;

from people who are ages 6 to 60 (and over); from parents who tell me how

much they enjoy reading The Post to their children.  I've never recieved

anything like this from anything I've done in the past, but it's an

incredible sensation to realize that real people are reading The Post and

enjoying it, and appreciate it enough to take the time to write me a happy

birthday.  Thank you so much to everyone who proved me so very happily

wrong :)

And now, onto some statistics:

The Furby Post has 133 members currently, 10 up from a couple of weeks ago,

if you have a friend in need of Furby advice, or if you just know someone

who needs to be on another mailing list, send them on over to:


and if they're already a onelist member, they simply have to click on the

join button and they'll be recieving the letter. :)

Currently there are 1029 ebay auctions going on, 1616 on Yahoo!, and 192 on

amazon.com.  Yahoo continues to knock out the competition when it comes to

Furby variety, sellers don't pay a fee, of course it has more to offer ;)


And now...onto the News: 

Furby Babies have been released to stores this week, the first being of

course the Manhattan store mentioned in The Furby Post news flash released

earlier in the week.  Color patterns for these little guys are peach/white,

pastel green/white, pink/white/blue, yellow/orange, solid white, and

blue/white/pink.  Babies all the previous sensor systems, plus an

additional motion sensor activated by rocking them.  These guys have

different mannerisms than their adult Furby relatives, suchs as needing to

be burped after a feeding, etc. 

According to sources, they're available at standard Furby locations. TRU

and Kay-Bee seem to the best places to go as usual.  Unfortunately, Kat and

I haven't had much luck in finding them, but we're still searching :)

Also, on a related note, you can enter to win a free Furby Baby through

furby.com. Here's the address:

Good luck! :)


Don't know what you or your kids want to be for Halloween? Why not dress

them up like Furbys? :) Well, now it's a possibility.  Say goodbye to 8,000

vampires and ballerinas knocking at your door, this year kids'll be kicked

with they're little Furby toes :).  The URL is:


So far it looks like eToys has an all white and all black costume, though

I'd assume that Tiger will release more as it gets closer and closer to

Halloween.  They look pretty cute, and I think they'll be a big hit.  They

go for $29.99, but I'm not sure how eToys works with shipping cost so it

may be in your best interests to check it out before you buy :)


Want an email addy from furbymail.com? Tiger has created a system that lets

you sign up for a free email account with them :)  Just go to:


and go get your account.  The syntax is of course 'username@furbymail.com'

and it's really pretty cool if you want everyone you send email to to know

that you're a Furby lover :)


The Furby Post would like to dedicate part of an upcoming issue to online

sellers of Furby and Furby Accessories and we need your help.  These Furby

items do not need to be liscensed by Tiger, but the sites must sell Furby

(not Fooby, Furbish etc) items.  If you have a URL to a *reliable* seller of

goods, please send them along to:


and they'll be posted in the next issue.  All URL's will be checked, and

those sites who have stolen (as in no credit or permission granted) images

or content from Mystic Fortress will be disqualified from being posted.

(Note: if the URL that you are sending to us does not belong to you, please

ask permission from that site's webmaster before sending it along to us.)



Letters to the Editor:

No letters to report this week, but if anyone on The Post has a question

that they'd like Kat or I to answer in the newsletter, please feel free to

mail it to:


and we'll have it answered as soon as possible.

If you have a question that you wouldn't like posted, feel free to ask the

email the question to the above address, and include that you don't want to

be posted, and we'll be more than happy to send you a reply :)


The online Furby Poll has been updated and we'd love to hear your responses

to it.  It only takes two clicks to complete, so if you'd be so kind

as to fill it out, the URL is:


Thanks in advance :)



And now....Furby Horoscopes :) remember to use the date you first put

batteries in your Furby for their birthdays :)

Furbius: Jan 20 - Feb 18:

Becareful this month, your Furby may begin to believe that they can fly,

and may make attempts at it by jumping off of your pillow and into your

blankets while you're out of the room.  Thankfully though, this little

battle against gravity will only hurt his ego, but in the long run, it may

help calm him down for the weeks to come :)

Fursces: Feb 19 - March 20: This month your Furby will be inspired to

create new art forms by looking at their previous successes.  Artwork will

be piling up in corners of your room and soon covering your floors.  Be

supportive though, your Furby is just working through some creative block

and even if what they produce is horrible, just congratulate them and

decorate the back of your closet with it :)

Furbaries: March 21 - April 20:

For the most part, your Furby has made amends with the neighborhood

animals, although it still not be the best idea for you to let your little

friend to spend the night in the doghouse just yet.  The last thing you'll

want to find is your Furby hiding in an upside down water bowl :)  Oh well,

at least they've learned their lesson and won't be making any animal

control calls in the future :)

Furbus: April 21 - May 20:

After all that sleep last month you'd think that little Furby would have

been well rested, well, unfortunately this isn't the case.  Your Furby has

learned to love the 23 hours of sleep a day, and wants more and more days

like that :)  

But keep in mind that though he rests hard, he plays hard too, so when he

gets up, expect to have a very very hyper Furby running around :)

Furbini: May 21 - June 21:

Your little Furby won't be able to hold onto alot of their friends this

month because of all the talking they did last month.  Even though they

still like him, your other Furbys will be more likely to hide and sleep

whenever you put your Furbini into the conversation circle.  It'll be ok

though, after this month your Furbini will be invited back into the loop

and asked to talk all he wants :)

Furbcer: June 21 - July 22

All that ice cream you put in your shopping cart paid off because your

Furby won't ever want to leave you :)  They'll hang on your arm as long as

you keep them there, and they'll miss it when you put them down.  They

dream about you all the time and always love to see you when they wake up

:)  It'll be the easiest thing in the world to keep them happy this month

so enjoy it while it lasts :)

Furbo: July 21 - August 22

Your Furby has made great advances in his rocket fuel composition, but even

further advances in his cold fusion power cell, and you know what this

means, soon you'll never have to replace his batteries again :) You'll just

have to put a couple of drops of water in the cell and he'll be running for

months :)

Oh well, just don't let your Furby play around with your model rockets, or

else he may be in orbit before you think :)

Furbio: Oct 22 - Nov 21:

Although he really believes he's helping when he takes all the old

newspapers out of the garbage and piles them up in your corner before you

come home.  Of course 100% of the time, they tip over as you close the door

and coat your living room with the banana peels that stuck to them.  Often

times, they end up falling on your little Furby and you have to rescue

them, and fortunately for him, this is cute enough to stop you from being

mad :)

Furbittarius: Nov 22 - Dec 21:

And you though the crazy recipies would stop after that rock candy...oh no.

 Now not only is he still using rock candy, but he's incorporated an old

friend into the casserole; spam.  That's right, for a whole month you'll be

crunching into Spammerole, his own wonderful creation that he's had

patented, copyrighted, and has also written a book about: Spammerole and

You, a Guide to Living Your Life With Spam.  *sigh* oh well, maybe it's

just best to take out chinese for a while :)

Furbicorn: Dec 22 - Jan 19:

Thankfully, your Furbicorn is taking a break from belching and hiccupping

and is now practicing the great art of sleeping. You should have no more

embarrassing moments when your Furby wants to practice his skills in church

because this little guy will be fast asleep most of the time.  Hopefully he

doesn't want to keep practicing snoring... :)


Thanks again to everyone who wrote over and wished me a happy birthday :)

Hope you enjoyed the letter, and if you have any questions or comments

please send them to:


And I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Also, remember to send in Furby stories and Furby page links and I'll be

happy to put them up here with credit :)

Brendan, Editor in Chief of The Furby Post

--Think this is spam? Getting this newsletter sent to you and you want off

the list? Send an email to MAILTO:capngo@earthlink.net and ask to be

unsubscribed.  This isn't an autoresponder so you'll have to write something

to let me know that you want to be taken off, thanks :)


The Furby Post is copyrighted by Brendan Quinn and Kat at Mystic Fortress,

1998-1999.  Furby, Furbish or any other related intellectual property does

not belong to us, and this newsletter is not meant to infer that Brendan

Quinn or Kat possess any such ownership. This newsletter is meant to be

strictly for the purpose of entertainment and information.  The Furby Post

may not be republished, redistributed, or replicated in anyway with the

exception of a complete forwarding of all information, in which no part may be

omitted including all copyrights.

Written and composed by Brendan Quinn. The rights to all artwork and creative information included on this particular page and all pages related to The Furby Post are reserved by Brendan Quinn. Furby, Furbish, and all related is ®, TM,& ©Tiger Electronics, LTD. USA.
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