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have 123 readers, 6 more than a couple weeks ago.  Don't be shy, go ahead

and forward this to everyone you think might want to read it, and have them

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First, some statistics:

Currently there are 1019 Furby related auctions on, 1970 auctions

on Yahoo! and 218 auctions via  

Server logs indicate that Mystic Fortress is getting 1,242 hits per day on

average :)


Furby Post Trivia Question of the Issue: This is a newer area and here's how

it works.  You read this question and try to figure out the answer, at the

end of the letter we'll have the question reposted with the answer given.

Sound like fun? You bet! :)

When did Dave Hampton first show off Furby to Tiger Electronics

Representatives in order to have them produce it?

A) August, 1998

B) September, 1997

C) July, 1996

D) January, 1995


And now for the News: has changed significantly in that past few days, and it looks

about 1000% better, and has more features and updated information than it

ever has been in the past.  One of the really cool new additions is Virtual

Furby where you can raise your own cute, very animated little Furby :) You

can decide hair color, eye color, mane, tail, feet color, etc, and they

don't have to be one of the already made patterns.  And if neglected, your

Furby will send you an email to come play with him.

And in addtion, they've released the second Furby Baby movie advertisement

and it can be found here:

You will have to have the Shockwave Multimedia Plugin to view this page and

play the games, and in addition you'll need to be a member of the Tiger Toy


To get Shockwave go to:

And to become a member of the TTF go to:

Both of these services are completely free, but if kids want to join the

TTF, you'll need a parent's email address and consent :)

In addition, in the coming soon area, you'll soon be able to get an email

addy from, and there's a "my home page" area so you may also be

eligible for website hosting there in the future. (?)


Fourth Edition Furbys have apparently been shipped and are now available to

the open market.  (Or at least the grey market ;) ) We've looked, but can't

find any yet.  Pictures are available off of Tiger's website as well as

Kat's at:

Got any hints for us to find them? Let us know and we'll credit you and post

the info next time.  Mail us at:


The Fall Furby is being produced on time as far as Tiger is saying, but no

pictures have been released as of yet.  The Millenium Furby though is not

quite as elusive and an image can be seen here:


In case you haven't figured it out yet, the info on the plastic tag is that

it'll be produced on all new Furbys starting with the more recent

productions of Gen 3 Furbys.  I'm not exactly sure why this has been added,

but I'm assuming it's to protect the idea of Furby, and to make sure that

people know their buying a real Furby.


Been having trouble finding Wizzard Furbys? Well, you can now order them

online at:

and even though the asking price is $39.95, it may be worth it for those of

you without a TRU around.  But if you can wait, Toys R' Us' online store may

place them up for sale for normal retail of $29.95.


Kat and I went out and recently picked up all the Gen 3 Furby Buddies.

There is one for each color and we didn't seem to have any problem finding

them.  Its also rumored that the special edition Furbys will also have Buddy

counterparts in the future.


Apparently there's a set of Furby keychains coming out available through

Avon, one black, one brown, and one mauve.  They all say things when you

press there bellys and are the same price as the previously released ones



In addition, Tiger plans to release a ton of new stuff in the coming month.

To see pictures and names check out:

One more thing on this note though, Kat and I saw both Furby Party Supplies

(cups, napkins, plates, tablecloths, wrapping paper, etc.) and a different

kind of Furby carrying pack that looks like a normal Furby, slightly bigger,

with a zipper and straps on the back for holding items.  They came in both

the black and white tuxedo pattern (with tuft and tail instead of mane) and

the grey and pink pattern as well (though without the spots).  All of these

items were found at Toys R' Us.


Letters to the Editor: Every now and again someone drops a line and asks a

question that we feel would best be answered in a public forum because it

may happen to occur to lots of people.  This issue's letter comes from Judy

at AOL and she writes:


My name is Judy and I am a 50 year old grandmother who started collecting 

furbies because I think they are so cute and bring smiles whenever they are 

awake. I am very distressed lately because I am finding that alot of my 

furbies that I try to start up are not working no matter what I do. Due to 

this happening I have started to open all 20 of my furbies to try them to 

make sure they work. I already have 3 to send back to Tiger Electronics 

because they don't work at all. One is from the first edition which I don't 

think will get replaced with the same kind. Alot of the newer editions are 

giving the most trouble. My daughter and I have already returned to the 

stores 3 Zebras that would not work. Has the quality suffered due to the 

production of furbies at a faster level to meet demand? This will definitely 

cause ill feelings about the furbies. Is anyone else noticing this about the 





Hi Judy, 

Recently I bought Kat a Gen 3, Dalmation Furby and when we'd brought it home

and put in brand new batteries it wouldn't start up regardless of how many

times we tried the reset button.  This had occured before though, and before

we grabbed the reciept and drove back to the store we got it from, we just

took out the batteries and put them in in a different order.  I have no idea

why this works, but it has solved the problem more than once.  

A combination of multiple resets and restarts (as in holding down the tongue

and hitting the reset button) and slapping them on the bottom also helps to

work.  Different batteries all together may help because Furbys are very

high drain devices.  If you hear a grinding noise try moving the ears up and

down in hopes that the gears will start from a little push.  If all of this

doesn't work, then return it to the store or straight to Tiger.  All Gen 1

Furbys will not be repaired (instead replaced), but if you are desperate to

keep your Furby and you happen to be or know an electrician/mechanical

engineer then these sites may be of some benefit to you:

Keep in mind though, that tinkering of any kind isn't suggested, and will

void any warranty of any kind.

Apparently there was a rumor that production and design suffered because of

the initial rush to get Furbys out for Christmas, but since then it has

actually improved in quality because they have been able to keep up with

production quotas fairly regularly.  Unfortunately of course there are bugs

that still need to be worked out.

Hope this helps,

Brendan and Kat

If any readers have any help for Judy please send it along to me at

and I'll glady pass it along to her.  Thanks in advance.


Once again, I'd like to remind everybody to send in their list of reputable

sellers on to me so that they can get some free advertising.  So far we've

only got one seller who has followed the submission guidelines so unless

others readers send info along, she'll be getting all the spotlight ;)

Basically there's two rules:

1) The seller has to be of known repute, meaning that there has to be a

decent amount of sales experience, and sales satisfaction on the part of the

selling site. And..

2) The site sent can not possess material stolen from Mystic Fortress.  Such

theft will result in disqualification.  (I emphasize this because half of

the applicants for the ad space have taken images from Kat that I know

either she or I worked hard to create.)


The online Furby Poll has been updated and we'd love to hear your responses

to it.  It only takes a couple mouse clicks to complete, so if you'd be so


as to fill it out, the URL is:  

Thanks in advance :)


Furby Post Trivia Answer of the Issue: Think you got the right date? Great

here's the correct answer.

When did Dave Hampton first show off Furby to Tiger Electronics

Representatives in order to have them produce it?

A) August, 1998

B) September, 1997

C) July, 1996

D) January, 1995

If you said B) September, 1997 then you're absolutely correct :)


That's all for this issue, hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did, and I

hope you tune in next issue for more wonderful Furby Fun :)

Thanks as always :)

Brendan Quinn,

Editor in Chief of The Furby Post

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1998-1999.  Furby, Furbish or any other related intellectual property does

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