Howdy :) And happy Saturday everybody and welcome to the fastest growing

Furby newsletter around.  Currently there are 110 subscribers to The Post,

20 more than when the last edition was sent out.  Thanks to everyone who

passed the word about the letter :)  

I'd also like to thank everyone for sending information to me regarding the

new Wizard Furby.  It seemed as soon as I posted the last issue that people

were sending me pics and info, and thanks to them, I think Kat/Furbster got

lucky and grabbed one up before they were all sold out :) The subscribers

who sent info to us were:

Vicky (Spldbrtbch@XXXXX.XXX)

Msr (vrunicorn@XXXXX.XXX)

Ethel (LcBluIz@XXXXX.XXX)

April (XXX69otica@XXXXX.XXX)

Thanks again to everyone who sent us help, it's greatly appreciated :)

If you have new information about Furbys and would like a forum to post it

in, send it along to us at:

and we'll get back to you immediately and be more than happy to credit you :)

And now...onto some statistics


Currently there are 1450 Furby related auctions on, 1668 auctions

on Yahoo! and 233 auctions via  

The Mystic Fortress server logs (which counts every hit) currently totals an

average of 1531 a day! 


Furby Post Trivia Question of the Issue: This is a new area and here's how

it works.  You read this question and try to figure out the answer, at the

end of the letter we'll have the question reposted with the answer given.

Sound like fun? You bet! :)

Dave Hampton had an assistant when making the original designs for Furby, is

his name:

A) Roger Schiffman?

B) Stewart Sims?

C) Marc Rosenburg?

D) Caleb Chung?


And now for the News:

McDonalds has released an earnings statement this week which notes that the

Furby Happy Meal promotion was the most successful toy give away, second

only to the Beanie Baby Happy Meal toys.  The earning statement

unfortunately didn't give figures, but I know my comsumption of Happy Meals

went up about 8000% so I'm sure that McDonalds made enough to consider doing

it again (hopefully, all speculation on my part).


For those of you who have not had the chance to purchase of see a Wizard

Furby in real life, I suggest you make all efforts to pick one up through

any means necessary.  I personally think that this little guy is the cutest

special edition that Tiger has released so far.  All black ears and feet,

black body, purple tummy, purple cape and hat adorned with yellow stars,

tied off with a red bow.  Sorry, you can't take off the bow and cape and

make your other Furbys wizards too, but these guys are still great.  These

are unnumbered, but are limited to 90,000 and are exclusive to Toys R' Us. A

pic of him can be seen at:

Thanks to Vicky for the image :)


A few days ago Kat and I were in Kay-Bee toys and bought two Furby activity

books.  I'm not sure how new they are (though they were copyrighted 1999)

but they are authorized by Tiger and are really pretty neat.  I'm sure

anyone who enjoys furbys will like them.  The best part is that they were

really cheap, both under $2.00.  According to the back of the books, there's

two more in the series that we weren't able to find.  The four books are:

Furby Books,

Furby Coloring and Activity Books,

Furby Coloring and Activity Pads,

Furby Giant Coloring and Activity Books.

One more note about Kay-Bee, they've recently dropped their price for Furbys

down to standard $29.99 retail in both their stores and online market.

Special editions and foriegn Furbys are still $39.99 though.


According to sources, Walmart has already begun to place sticker ads in its

isles announcing the forthcoming Furby Babies.  They will sell for about

$26.95 and should start selling around 8-25-99.  Hopefully the stock will be

large enough for everyone to get some.  An image of the babies can be seen here:



Just a warning to finish off the news:  We've heard from alot of people that

because retail stores don't sell rip-off furbys (Furbish, Foobie, etc.),

they are frequently being sold online, and in most cases, are being sold at

flea-markets/swap-meets.  The problem with this is that alot of times at the

flea-markets, the rip-offs are being passed off as real furbys.  So if you

happen to send out a grandmother of someone who's looking for a Furby to

buy, who might not know exactly what they're looking for, you may want to

pass off the simple information "Furby does not have arms".  Also, look for

the words Tiger Electronics on the box (small icon in the lower left hand

side of most panels), that'll be the tip off that what you're getting is an

original Furby.


The Furby Post would like to dedicate part of the next issue to online

sellers of Furby and Furby Accessories and we need your help.  These Furby

items do not need to be liscensed by Tiger, but the sites must sell Furby

(not Fooby, Furbish etc) items.  If you have a URL to a *reliable* seller of

goods, please send them along to:

and they'll be posted in the next issue.  All URL's will be checked, and

those sites who have stolen (as in no credit or permission granted) images

or content from Mystic Fortress will be disqualified from being posted.

(Note: if the URL that you are sending to us does not belong to you, please

ask permission from that site's webmaster before sending it along to us.)


The online Furby Poll has been updated and we'd love to hear your responses

to it.  It only takes four mouse clicks to complete, so if you'd be so kind

as to fill it out, the URL is:  

Thanks in advance :)


The Furby Post Trivia Answer:

Dave Hampton had an assistant when making the original designs for Furby, is

his name:

A) Roger Schiffman

B) Stewart Sims

C) Marc Rosenburg

D) Caleb Chung

If you said D) Caleb Chung, you were exactly right :)  Roger Schiffman is

the President of Tiger Electronics, Stewart Sims is Senior Vice President of

Marketing at Tiger, and finally, Marc Rosenburg is Tiger's Vice President

for Public Relations.  Thanks for playing :)


That's all for this issue, hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did, and I

hope you tune in next issue for more wonderful Furby Fun :)

Thanks as always :)

Brendan Quinn,

Editor in Chief of The Furby Post

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the list? Send an email to and ask to be

unsubscribed.  This isn't an autoresponder so you'll have to write something

to let me know that you want to be taken off, thanks :)


The Furby Post is copyrighted by Brendan Quinn and Kat at Mystic Fortress,

1998-1999.  Furby, Furbish or any other related intellectual property does

not belong to us, and this newsletter is not meant to infer that Brendan

Quinn or Kat possess any such ownership. This newsletter is meant to be

strictly for the purpose of entertainment and information.  The Furby Post

may not be republished, redistributed, or replicated in anyway with the

exception of a complete forwarding of information, in which no part may be

omitted including all copyrights.

Written and composed by Brendan Quinn. The rights to all artwork and creative information included on this particular page and all pages related to The Furby Post are reserved by Brendan Quinn. Furby, Furbish, and all related is ®, TM,& ©Tiger Electronics, LTD. USA.
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