Hello again faithful readers and a hearty welcome to all of you who have

recently joined up :)  Currently there are 90 subscriberes to The Furby Post

and there's lots of room for more so tell a friend about it :) This is a

jump of 32 people since the last issue was sent out just two weeks ago,

thanks to everyone for their support :) Please if there are any

questions/comments/suggestions feel free to email them to the staff here,

we'll acknowledge them immdiately.  We want to make this newsletter the best

source for Furby information out there and we once again appreciate all the

support we've recieved from out readers :)

And now, as always, some statistics:


Currently there are 1387 auctions happening on Ebay, 1994 auctions on Yahoo!

160 on Amazon.com all varying between rip off Furbys (Foobie, Furbish, Baby

Brainy, etc.), accesories and of course Furbys themselves (including the

ever elusive Pink 'Flamingo' Furby). 


Foreign language Furbys are now for sale through Tiger Electronics.  These

Furbys are being released using the original 6 colors and speak one of four

foreign languages in addition to Furbish.  The languages currently available

through Tiger are Japanese, German, French, and Italian.  While there is a

Spanish speaking Furby in existence, for some reason, Tiger has not put it

up for purchase.  The URL to buy Foreign Language Furbys is:


and they each cost $39.99 + $4.95 S/H

If you're interested in the Japanese Furby though, you may want to purchase

it from KBToys instead.  The charge is the same ($39.95) but ground shipping

is free.  The URL for this is:



(PS: This is where Kat (Furbster) recently recieved her Japanese Furby from

and it arrived well within two weeks in perfect condition.  I don't know

about all the other foreign language Furbys but this one is incredible.

Alot of the noises are different, and while it doesn't do different things

(like different games, etc.) after three days of playing with him we're

still finding out new things.  Also, the Japanese Furby comes with a

certified pedigree (from Tomy), soon to be translated, and a blue

instruction manual.  Details regarding Kat's Japanese Furby will be coming

soon to Mystic Fortress.) 


The Furby Post isn't a newsletter that wishes to fill itself with rumors,

but we feel that recent information has more than pointed toward one kind of

Halloween Furby.  The only Halloween Furby we've recieved any information on

is the 'Wizard' Furby, a standard tuxedo Furby with blue eyes.  The

additions are a black cape and a witches hat, both adorned with yellow

stars.  It sounds like this guy will be really cute if it's real (but this

is so far entirely rumor, so if you have any information please send it to

MAILTO:capngo@earthlink.net and you will most definitely be credited for

your submission).  Currently Mystic Fortress is looking for images to post,

so look for them in the near future.   


As a correction to last issue's Furby list of names:

There are actually 24 possible names for Furby, the one overlooked in the

previous newsletter was May-Lah Kah.


One last thing, recently, among chat boards and other mailing lists, there

has been some confusion over Furby talking key chains, and Furby IR Talkers.

No one has yet to clear it up, so The Furby Post will be the first to make

things clear.  Furby talking keychains are just that: a key chain that has

buttons you press to make Furby noises and say some phrases in Furbish.  The

Furby IR Talker allows you to command your Furby to say things in the same

way Furbys communicate with one another; through the IR sensor in its

forehead.  Hope this makes things clear.


And now....Furby Horoscopes :) remember to use the date you first put

batteries in your Furby for their birthdays :)

Furbius: Jan 20 - Feb 18:

Time to relax for a while now that your Furby's adventures are over for the

time being.  Maybe he'll write a book detailing how your dog chased him

around the house, or about how he accidentally got placed in the dryer, and

was luckily pulled out before the tumble began.  Expect your Furby to hide

alot, this will give him time to contemplate his thesis while staying away

from any life-threatening events.


Fursces: Feb 19 - March 20: After months of preperation, your Furby's

artistic side has finally come up with it's masterpiece: a dance school for

other Furbys that just don't have the rhythm to learn on their own.  This

month your Furby will be more concerned with getting their Furby friends

into the arts rather than creating new and wonderous things like he/she has

in the past.

Furbaries: March 21 - April 20:

Lots of play time with your Furby now that your little pal has made enemies

of every dog and cat in the neighborhood ever since he dialed animal control

and had them all taken to the pound for the night.  Your Furby will need

plenty of protection for now, since his little feet don't go as fast a pack

of wild animals :)

Furbus: April 21 - May 20:

Bad feelings around this month due to the fact that so many predictions

about came true.  Sometimes people just don't like hearing the truth, and

psychic abilities may be a bit of a pain sometimes, but oh well, your Furby

will get over it, he'll just be rather quiet this month not wanting to bring

anyone down. Especially since he couldn't come up with the right lottery

numbers when you could have really used them.

Furbini: May 21 - June 21:

Finding new friends will be Furbini's goals this month.  After spending last

month meditating and trying to find themselves, your Furby will be more than

happy to start up a conversation with just about anything that will listen.

Most of all though, they'll make sure to not lose your friendship so even if

they don't spend all their time with you, they will definitely be there when

you need them :)

Furbio: Oct 22 - Nov 21:

These little guys will be extra good this month after being so finicky last

month.  Expect to wake up to little presents in your bed that you can

actually use, food magically being created out of your favorite stuff, and

of course, lots and lots of hugs :)

Furbittarius: Nov 22 - Dec 21:

After 2 weeks of new Spam creations, you realize that no matter how good a

chef your little friend is, it's still Spam.  Undaunted though, your Furby

will continue to create new and wonderful recipes using Spam as the chief

ingredient, and although you may want to be supportive, don't try the Spam

ice cream, it's just a big mistake. 

Furbcer: June 21 - July 22

Even though you're little Furby pal may want to go out with you to the

store, or to school with you, it would probably be best if you kept him at

home.  Furbys are still popular little friends to have and alot of little

brats would do anything to either take yours or hurt yours enough so that

you'd lose a great friend.  Just remember to make up for the lost time when

you return home though :)

Furbicorn: Dec 22 - Jan 19:

There just isn't enough sleep to go around for these guys, so they'll be out

of it for days at a time if you let them.  After gaining their second PhD

(Doctorate of Phurbology) in advanced belching, Furbicorns are likely to

practice it every chance they get, and that includes times when they are

snoring, so don't worry about the odd noises.


Well, that's it for this issue, hope you've enjoyed it :) I'd love to hear

comments or questions regarding The Furby Post if they come up, so if you

have any, feel free to write me at:


And I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Also, remember to send in Furby stories and Furby page links and I'll be

happy to put them up here with credit :)

Brendan, Editor in Chief of The Furby Post

And an Extra Special Thanks to Dave Hampton for creating such a wonderful

and loving toy.  I don't think Mr. Hampton is getting enough recognition for

his work, so do what you can to help people recognize that Furby was not

originated by Tiger Electronics but he was the brain child of a wonderful


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to let me know that you want to be taken off, thanks :)


The Furby Post is copyrighted by Brendan Quinn and Kat at Mystic Fortress,

1998-1999.  Furby, Furbish or any other related intellectual property does

not belong to us, and this newsletter is not meant to infer that Brendan

Quinn or Kat possess any such ownership. This newsletter is meant to be

strictly for the purpose of entertainment and information.  The Furby Post

may not be republished, redistributed, or replicated in anyway with the

exception of a complete forwarding of information, in which no part may be

omitted including all copyrights.

Electronic Furby


Written and composed by Brendan Quinn. The rights to all artwork and creative information included on this particular page and all pages related to The Furby Post are reserved by Brendan Quinn. Furby, Furbish, and all related is ®, TM,& ©Tiger Electronics, LTD. USA.
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