Hello and welcome to Issue #4 of The Furby Post :)  Currently there are 58

members to the list, and we just keep growing, thanks to everyone for all

their help, forwards and support :)


And now for some statistics:

1668 hits for furby in Ebay's engine, 251 in Amazon, and about 1850 hits

from Yahoo's auctions.


Furby Chat with Tiger Electronics President and Representatives

June 21st, 1999, 6PM PT in #Shopping on MSN Network

I attended the chat and so did about 50 other people.  The chat was pretty

full and due to this the channel (chat room) was moderated for the majority

of the chat.  All questions rom spetators were submitted to the channel

operators and they were put into a queue and given to The fellows from Tiger

to answer.

The quarter of the chat most people talked about the company Tiger

Electronics and it's past and how things got to the present day company.

The following are the big highlights of the chat;

>From Laura: The story of Furby Cloud and its inhabitants coming to Earth

lends itself well to an animated TV series. (Though more English would have

to be incorporated into the Furby language.) Is Tiger planning to license

the Furby character for this use?

 Furby is presently is actually represented by CAA in Hollywood

and we are close to signing and announcing a business relationship that

should lead in this direction.

 from furbylover87, when will the furby babies come to the stores?

 First, babies..... they will be taking America by storm late

this summer.  Look for exciting news and a major launch soon.

 From Furby Fan: When can you tell us more about Yoda?

 Regarding Yoda, we are thrilled at the progress being made in

the development of Yoda.  We have already recorded the voice of Frank Oz!!!

 The vocabulary of Yoda will be significantly greater than any

previous product, as one would expect from an 800 year old Jedi Master.

Much more details to follow in the near future, keep watching our Star Wars

web site at: http://www.tigertoys.com

Crystal31..Could you give us more information about the Gizmo Furby as well?

 Gizmo is a very exciting character and wehave just finished

recording Howie Mandel, the original voice from the Gremlins movie for our

product.  Gizmo will even interact with all exisiting Furby's

 Is it true that Furby was banned from the Pentagon?

  Not the Pentagon, but the National Security Agency

inadvertantly circulated a message claiming that Furby may be able to record

sensative material.  This was quickly dispelled and they have since recinded

any "ban"

Furbster asks: There are many people, including myself, that have had their

Furbys replaced when sent in for repair.. I was told you only replace, will

there be Furby repairs in the future or will it always be replace?

 For the time being it will likly emain replacements.

Topsy_Furby says: What do you think of products such as "Foobie" and

"Furbish", the furby imposters?

 Poor attempts at knocking off aa grat product!  We dislike that

consumers may be misled, and ultimatly dissapointed with this inferior

product.  we will continue to take any and all steps at our disposal to

prevent these   poor knockoffs from entering this country

 there are a lot to discuss...we have justed completed shipping

our 2nd asst. and the 3rd is now shipping. the newest asst consists of the

folowing patterns (as our internal names only) leopard, lamb, gorilla, frog,

elephant and the secret color

 pink flamingo

 the best way to stay up to date on all new furby colors and

developments is at our website  http://www.furby.com

 we also have new special editions coming this year, watch for

"Fall" and "Christmas" and the new Millenium Furby

 Do you go to Furby websites, newsgropups or chats incognito?

 websitees are cool if they provide good information and work

with tiger

 Does the Canadian Furby speak French as well as English. And is

there a German speaking Furby?

 each furby spoeaks only 1 other language besides Furbish.

There is a german speaking furby

 Someone on E-Bay is taking orders for Yoda, has production started,

how can they take order so early.

 yoda is not in production and won't be in stores until later

this year.  any order taking is not with Tiger's blessings at this point

 are there really such things as "rare" furbys?

 all furby's are limited in production, but there are some that

are more rare than others, such as the spring furby and graduation furby,

and rarest of all the, the Hi-C furby that was a premeium in a contest

 yoda will not interact with others

 yes all furby's retire when next asst begins, and yes there

will be matching buddies for all furby's and special editons.

 international furbys, italian, german, french and japanese will

all be available directly on our furby.com web site!

 kaybee is going to offer japanse furny's in some locations

 yes gizmo and furby interact. 

 4th generation furby's are designed and will be announced

soon...some hints...cheetah and landy bug to name 2

There was a hint a possible Koala Bear Furby Fur pattern for the future.


Furby Babies

The Furby Babies official release date is

08/25/1999 and the "suggested" retail price is supposed to be $29.00.  As you

will see when they are released, this price may go up or down.  Furby Babies

are in Pastel colors and have 8 censors.

I have pictures and information on these Furbys on the website at:


Look in 'Furby Accessories' section.


FAOde to Furby

The winners have been picked and there are already a few of the entries on

the site.  In the next coming weeks they will be adding all 24 of the

winning enteries for the Furby contest.  All of the winners will receive a

limited edition Furby.  

Check out the winners here:



Japanese Furby

While KB Toys is selling Japanese Furby on their website, sometimes you will

go and find when you try to add the product to your cart it will say they

don't have enough stock and to pick a lesser quantity.  Now and again this

message will come, but keep the page bookmarked because they do get more in

stock from time to time.  With patience you'll get your chance to order

yourself a Japanese speaking Furby.



Or go to http://www.kbtoys.com/ and search for Furby.


3rd Generation Furbys

As you all must know, the 'secret' Furby color is Pink.  I have been on the

search for these new Furbys and have found that like the originals that

their seems to be some colors more common in others packaged per case.  From

what it looked like the Brown Bear and Green Frog Furbys seemed to be the

most 'common' ones.  There didn't seem to be as many Blue Elephant and White

Lamb Furbys.  The least common seem to be the Leopard and Pink Flamingo.  I

talked to a fellow at KB Toys and he said the Pink is definitly the most

rare one, said there was only about 1 per every 2 cases (of 12 Furbys per

case).  He also said that he liked the Pink better then the rest and it's a

very cool looking Furby.  

I have not seen the Pink Furby as of yet, but have seen all the others and

they all look pretty good.  The Lamb has wool-like fur, and seems smaller

then the rest.  They are all out there though, just keep looking!  Best

thing to do is get to the stores early and even call ahead of time.


WALTHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 24, 1999--Parametric Technology


(NASDAQ:PMTC - news) today announced the winners of the seventh annual Pro/AWARD

competition held this week at the Pro/USER International Conference in

Dallas, Texas. The D9R Track-Type Tractor design submitted by Caterpillar

Inc. received the Dr. Samuel P. Geisberg Award for the Best Overall Entry

among a field of 514 entries from companies worldwide. Other winners

included the aerospike rocket engine submitted by Boeing Company, Rocketdyne

Power and Propulsion Systems and the Furby submitted by Hasbro Inc. 

Furby won in the category of Consumer Products.


Furby FAQ Answer of the Letter:

After being asked so many times by people, Furbster compiled a list of all

possible furby names and here it is:

Furby Names







Kah Dah










Dah Noh-Lah




Toh-Loo Kah




Furby Poll

The poll on the website is updated every 2 weeks, be sure to stop by and put

in your vote and check out the latest results!

Furbsters Poll



Furby Word of the Issue:


Literally translated, this means "Big Light Up" but to Furbys, this of

course means Good Morning.  Not everyone knows this so use it to impress

your friends :)


Furby Newsletter Poll:

Here it is again, last week's poll question:

What do you think the best part about being a Furby is?

Responses can be sent to:



Well, that's it for this issue, hope you've enjoyed it :) I'd love to hear

comments or questions regarding The Furby Post if they come up, so if you

have any, feel free to write me at:


And I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Brendan, Editor in Chief of The Furby Post

Special Thanks to Kat for practically writing this whole newsletter for me :)

And an Extra Special Thanks to Dave Hampton for creating such a wonderful

and loving toy.  I don't think Mr. Hampton is getting enough recognition for

his work, so do what you can to help people recognize that Furby was not

originated by Tiger Electronics but he was the brain child of a wonderful



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