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Table of Contents:

1) Statistics

2) News

3) Letter to the Editor

4) Electronic Furby Updates

5) Furby Reader Stories

6) Furbish Word of the Issue

7) Fun Furby Fact

8) Closing

9) Unsub and Copyright Information


Here's some current stats about Furby Auctions:

Currently there are 1456 ebay auctions going on, 1817 on Yahoo!, and 97 on

amazon.com. Also, as a new edition to the stats list, Auctionrover.com has

1231 auctions going on.  


And now...onto the News 

--Furby, for Valentine's Day

Still looking for a Valentine's Day gift for your love interest and you're

way too broke for jewelery and flowers are out because they're allergic to

them? Why not try giving them a Valentine's Day Furby? This little one has

been named as www.everythingvalentine.com's #2 big Valentine's Day gift for

kids, and who can blame them?  Also, Tiger has loads of other Valentine's

Day Gift ideas like Furby Cards that are in stores now, so if your loved

one is a Furby Fan, that may be the easiest way to go.  And if they don't

like it, there's nothing stopping you from taking it back for yourself ;)

He is also #2 on KBToys list of hot Valentines gifts this year!  This is a

limited edition Furby, so even if you're not giving it as a gift but you are

a collector you should get out and get one for yourself, I have a feeling

they will be going fast!

[There isn't a whole lot of news this week.  Has something to do with it

being after the holidays, so it's a slower time of the year for toy sales.

If you happen to know of a peice of news that might be of interest to us,

feel free to send it along!  We always appreciate reader suggestions and

input, thank you.]


Electronic Furby website updates

-Gizmo Section

Yes I finally got the Gizmo section of my site online.  It's not major or

extensive.  The best part is the sound files, which anyone with or without a

Furby should enjoy, especialy the chat ones!  This section isn't likely to

get too big, it seems not many people have Gizmo or like Gizmo?  


-The Poll

The website Furby Poll has been updated!  It's an interesting one :)  It

only takes two clicks to complete, so if you'd be so kind as to fill it out,

the URL is:


-The Poll Results

The bi-weekly poll results can all be viewed on a second page, if you didn't

know.  Some of them are rather interesting!  You are even welcome to submit

your own bi-weekly poll question suggestions to me, if you would like!



Letters to the Editor:

Nothing this issue, but if you have a question you'd like posted send it

along to: 


and we'll have it answered as soon as possible.


-Furby Reader Stories

Okay, so maybe you're not sure what stories we'd like to hear?  Why

*anything* is great, we welcome all Furby and Furby related stories :)

There are over 250 people on this list, why not share your adventures?

Want to read one of my adventures?  Here is a true story I wrote back when

Furby is just getting out there on the market and he was in high demand,

when he was the holiday hit.  Your story doesn't have to be as long as this,

but it gives you an idea:


Do you have a special furby story you'd like to share with our other

readers?  Maybe something special happened over the holidays?  Maybe you

want to tell about how you got your first Furby?  Maybe you want to just

share an opinoin on Furby or Furby babies? Reader participation like yours

can only make the newsletter more fun for all!  We'd love to hear your


Just send along your Furby Stories to us at 


and you may see your story appear in an upcoming issue!


Furbish Word of the Issue:

"Toh-Loo" which means "like" in Furbish is an often mispelled name.  While

it is usually heard correctly the spellings seem to vary from "tohlo",

"toelou", and "tolu".  The correct spelling however is "Toh-Loo".


-Fun Furby Facts

Need a place to discuss topics on your mind?  How about a place to sell your

Furby or find Furbys for sale?  Why not drop by the Electronic Furby

Discussion boards!

Furby Discussion:


Furby Sell, Trade, Buy:



Everyone have a great weekend and we'll see you in a couple of weeks :) If

you have any questions or comments or anything, send them to:


And I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Also, remember to send in Furby stories and Furby page links and I'll be

happy to put them up here with credit :)

Kat, Head of Research

Brendan, Editor in Chief of The Furby Post

Written and composed by Brendan Quinn. The rights to all artwork and creative information included on this particular page and all pages related to The Furby Post are reserved by Brendan Quinn. Furby, Furbish, and all related is ®, TM,& ©Tiger Electronics, LTD. USA.
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