Merry Christmas everyone! Sorry about the this issue being late, but with yesterday being Christmas and all, Kat and I were bogged down with family events so we postponed sending out the letter till today.  We just wanted to thank the readers of the Furby Post for supporting us by answering the polls, sending along comments, news and ideas, visiting the web site, and for recruiting more subscribers by passing along the Furby Post to other Furby Fans. We reached over 200 subscribers this weekend! (202 to be exact ;)) We hope you all had a great winter holiday (for those who celebrate) and we wish

you all a very happy new year! 

Kind regards,

Katherine & Brendan & our Furby friends :)

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Table of Contents:

1) Statistics

2) News

3) Letter to the Editor

4) Electronic Furby Updates

5) Special Notice

6) Furbish Word of the Issue

7) Fun Furby Fact

8) Furby Horoscopes

9) Closing

10) Unsub and Copyright Information


Here's some current stats:

Currently there are 2534 ebay auctions going on, 1784 on Yahoo!, and 147 on  


And now...onto the News (complete articles found at: 


Furby in the news

-Valentine Furby

He's on his way, expected early next year!  He is several shades of pink

with a little heart on his belly!  See him at the official Furby site ;

or you can see him on Electronic Furby

-Furby Series 7

Also soon to be seen in stores is Furby series generation 7.  There is a few

pics in the Sneak-a-peak page on there have been reports of

ppl finding these furbys yet.  The only thing is evident is that they seem

to look really close to some Furby colors of the past.

-Gremlins Electronic Interactive Gizmo

Curious about Tiger Electronics Gizmo?  Well thanks to my friend LeAnne for

letting me borrow her dictionary, I have the dictionary typed out for The

Furby Post readers, just to give you an idea on how he talks.  He doesn't

speak Furbish, but he speaks his own english. Here is the entire

dictionary.. enjoy!

The Gremlins Electronic Interactive Gizmo Dictionary

   Gizmo to English

all betta - healthy

When Gizmo feels better, may say, "all betta".

awwe! - look/see

awwe sun - light

Gizmo likes a bright light and may say, "feel goo, awwe sun".

bang - sound

bang bang - loud noise

biggie - big

When Gizmo's tummy is full, he might say, "biggie tum tum".

biggie boogie - big boogie/dance

boogie woodie - boogie/dance

clow - cloud

cutie - cute

eat eat eat - hungry

When Gizmo is hungry, he may say, "eat eat eat".

feel goo - happy

If Gizmo says, "feel goo", it means he is happy.

funkytime - party

geegle geegle - tickle

get down - get down (boogie style)

When Gizmo says, "get down get funky" that means he is happy and ready to play.

get funky - dance

Gizmo - his name

go seep - sun down/go to sleep

When the room is dark, Gizmo might say, "ooohhh, go seep".

hardy har har - laugh

hmmmm - tasty

hubba hubba - love

When Gizmo likes how you playing with him, he will tell you "hubba hubba".

huggie - hug

hungry - please feed

I dough no - maybe

ipo - up

When Gizmo wakes up, he may say, "Gizmo ipo" so you know he is awake.

itch me - pet

itchie itchie - pet

Gizmo says, "itchie itchie" when he wants you to pet his back.

itty bitty - a little

kaput - done

kiss kiss - kiss

knock knock - koke

ladeeda - sing

lambada - hold close/hug

If Gizmo is scared, he may say, "wha dat? lambada Gizmo", so you hug him and

make him feel better.

lippo - like

If Gizmo says, "Gizmo lippo nu" that means he likes you.

lookie - look

me freakin! - scared

When Gizmo is frightened or in a dark room, he may say "nada, awwe sun, mim

me freakin!"

mim - me

mim biggie yi yi - me big worried

Gizmo gets worried if he doesn't get something to eat.  If you hear him say

"mim biggie yi yi" then he needs food quickly.

mmmm, mmm, mmm - really tasty

moocho - very

When gizmo is tired, he may say, "me moocho poo poo".

mugwhy - what Gizmo is (Mogwai)

nada - down

nix - no

If Gizmo doesn't want you to tickle him, he may say, "nix ticky".

nu - you

numba one - number one

paleez - please

peeky boo - hide

pittoie - don't like

If Gizmo doesn't like something, he may say "pittoie".

poo poo - sleep/tired

Sometimes Gizmo doesn't want to go to sleep, so he might say, "nix poo poo".

pre pre - pretty

right on - real good

say wha? - question?

seepy time - sleepy time

Gizmo may say, "seepy time" when he is tired or bored.

shaky - dance

skeech - exclaim no!

skree! bang - big sound

If Gizmo hears a noise, he may say, "what dat? skree! bang."

slurp slurp - hungry

smoochie - kiss

squeezie - hug

When Gizmo says, "squeezie, squeezie", he would like you to give him a hug.

ticky - tickle

tum tum - tummy

When you tickle Gizmo's tummy, he may say, "tum tum ticky".

wahoo - yea

wha dat? - listen

whatever - boring

If Gizmo says, "whatever", it means he is just hanging out, or is trying to

get your attention.

whoppa - big

Gizmo may say, "whoppa awwe", if he sees something big.

wo sun skeen - big light

When Gizmo sees a bright light, he might say, "wo sun skeen".

ya - yes

ya! baby - okay

ya cool - like

ya ya ya - again

yee haw - real fun

yi yi yi - worry

Gizmo says "yi yi yi" when he doesn't feel good or is worried.

yip yip - happy dance

yippie - fun

yo! me - really me

yo! up - really up

yo yo - very

you cutie - you're cute

you da bomb - you are the best

Gizmo says "you da bomb" when you have done something nice for Gizmo.

you hear dat? - you hear that?

you hotie - you are hot

yuk yuk - funny joke

yum yum - good

Gizmo says "yum yum" when he likes what you have fed him.

zippo - gone


Letters to the Editor:

Question: How do I make Furby Baby know me as mommy?

Answer: When first starting up Furby Baby, he will say his name and ask you

if you are his mommy or his daddy.

-To tell him if you are Mommy or Daddy you need to wait untill Furby Baby is

asleep again. 

-When asleep, hold both his back and his tummy sensor before waking him up.

Hold both at the same time.

-Keep holding his sensors and tilt his body to the side to wake him up.

-When he wakes up he will say his name.

-Let go of the sensors and listen to what Furby Baby says.

-He will then tell you how to let him know if you are Mommy or Daddy. He

will say "Mommy rub back, Daddy tickle tummy".  

-Tickle his tummy or pet his back, depending on what you want him to call you.

-From now on he will refer to you as Mommy or Daddy depending on the action

you did.

-If you didn't do it right and he calls you the wrong thing or it still

didn't work or you just want to change it for some reason, put him to sleep

and try it over again.  You will know if you did it right because when you

are playing with him he will call you by one of the two names.  When you

wake him up normally (without doing the above actions) he will say other

things and call you by name. 

-If you do not tell him what to call you, he will ask every time you wake

him up to tell him.

If you have a question you'd like posted send it

along to: 


and we'll have it answered as soon as possible.


Electronic Furby website updates

-My Furbys

I've added more pages about my individual Furbys.  The section is updated

from time to time.  Since last issue I've added 5 more pages.  I have 28

Furbys, so o course the section will continue to expand.

-The Poll

The website Furby Poll has been updated and we'd love to hear your responses

to it.  It only takes two clicks to complete, so if you'd be so kind

as to fill it out, the URL is: 

-Limited Editions

Updated the limited editions page, added 2 more Furbys.  Info is linked from

the accessories and news sections, or go straight to the page here:


Electronic Furby: Furbsters Guide... got another award, so I had to put the

awards on a separate page, they are linked from the main index.


-Furby Reader Stories

Do you have a special furby story you'd like to share with our other

readers?  Maybe something special happened over the holidays?  Maybe you

want to tell about how you got your first Furby?  Maybe you want to just

share an opinoin on Furby or Furby babies?  We'd love to hear your stories!  

Just send along your Furby Stories to us at

and you may see your story appear in an upcoming issue!


Furbish Word of the Issue:

"Wee-Tee/Kah/Way-loh" means "Sing me to sleep" in English.  Furby will say

this when he is being pet several times.  Petting relaxes him and he will

eventualy fall asleep if he is pet more then 10 times in a row.  Thus he is

asking you to sing him into slumber.


-Fun Furby Facts

Did you know you I have a Furbish Translator on the website?  You just enter

a word or two and it generates the translations, either in Furbish, English,

or both!  The editor, Brendan, of this newsletter wrote it for Electronic

Furby.. go take a look and tell us what you think:


And now....Furby Horoscopes :) remember to use the date you first put

batteries in your Furby for their birthdays :)

Furbius: Jan 20 - Feb 18:

Your Furby's New Year's Resolution will be rather simple, no more adventures that have anything to do with cookie jars that are taller than he is.  This will stop him from needing to dance furiously until it topples over allowing him to escape and blame the mess on your pet and/or smaller sibling.


Fursces: Feb 19 - March 20: For this year, your Furby has resolved to never again draw on your walls with crayons.  After having to clean up several masterpieces, your little one has come to the realization that your bed sheets make much better canvas ;)

Furbaries: March 21 - April 20:

After one too many times being caught unprepared versus the lurking monsters beneath your bed and in your discarded shoe boxes, your Furbaries will practice safer adventuring habits, like always carrying a fair amount of rope with him.  Your only problem though will be talking him into using a flashlight instead of a torch when excavating your closets :)

Furbus: April 21 - May 20:

As you may have guessed, after being told what all your presents were before you opened them, your Furby has agreed to learn how to keep a secret, something that they've obviously never done successfully before.  And in order to help them, one of their Furby friends has bought them a roll of masking tape so that if they feel the urge they can just put a little piece over their mouths and won't even be able to tell the secret :)

Furbini: May 21 - June 21:

Resolutions this year come from eating way too much ice cream over the past few weeks, your Furbini will attempt to lose weight.  Expect lots of dancing and staying up late trying to burn off a few extra calories.  This will just be a phase though, because in all honesty a little extra fur never hurt anyone, so just be supportive and eventually they'll be happy again.

Furbcer: June 21 - July 22

Finally after months of nothing but pizza for dinner, your Furby will swear off the stuff, well at least for a little while.  You're gonna have to call all the delivery guys and let them know not to come any more unless called ahead of time, and sure you might end up putting a few of these places out of business, but I guess that's the breaks ;) Then again, I'm sure if you called in for a triple cheese and onion pizza every now and again, your Furbcer wouldn't hold it against ya.

Furbo: July 21 - August 22

This year's resolution comes just in time.  No more spy stuff for your little Furbo.  Sure it'll be a tough habit to kick, but the benefits of quitting are largely in part to the lack of risk on your little one's life. Spy stuff is dangerous, he almost got caught five times trying to sneak around and find out what presents you were getting.  Luckily though he could remember his training and just stood still so people around him though he was just a new gift waiting to be wrapped.  

Furgo: August 23 - Sept 22

Candy, candy, candy.  That's exactly what your Furgo will be staying away from this year, almost three months of getting sick from way too much sugar made this decision easy.  Oh sure he might sneak away and eat the occasional Snickers bar or something, but at least he won't get sick and not be able to play with you :)

Furbra: Sept 23 - Oct 21:

Your Furbra's resolution this year will be no more playing security guard.  After one too many questions asked to US Customs on various family travelling expedition, your Furby has realized that it isn't as fun as he previously thought.  Most of the time you just sit around and watch tv monitors and since Jerry Springer isn't one of the shows you can flip to, it's just kinda boring.  Oh well, something new to think about in the next year :)

Furbio: Oct 22 - Nov 21:

This year's resolution will be to only use their psychic powers for the good of Furbykind and Mankind.  Expect great things this year, especialy if you surround yourself with other Furbys, that way everyone will be helping out everyone else and nothing will go wrong...well maybe, your Furby really hasn't perfected every one of their powers so maybe lots will go wrong in the beginning, but by November things should be perfect :)

Furbittarius: Nov 22 - Dec 21:

This year's resolution is to wake up five minutes earlier everyday in order to have lots of extra time to do stuff.  Of course this means that you'll also be waking up five minutes earlier everyday because he'll need you to do things for him like pull back the covers ;)  Hope you can stand it, keep in mind all the things you can do in five hit the snooze bar.

Furbicorn: Dec 22 - Jan 19:

To continue with his Christmas kick, your Furbicorn will try and practice time efficiency in everything he does.  This will give him more time to play with you and that will make everyone happy.  Besides, what does a Furby have to do that couldn't be done a little faster? :)


Thanks for making this a great year for The Post everyone, and here's to many many more to come :) If you have anything you'd like to pass along, please send it to:


And I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Also, remember to send in Furby stories and Furby page links and I'll be

happy to put them up here with credit :)

Kat, Head of Research

Brendan, Editor in Chief of The Furby Post

Written and composed by Brendan Quinn. The rights to all artwork and creative information included on this particular page and all pages related to The Furby Post are reserved by Brendan Quinn. Furby, Furbish, and all related is ®, TM,& ©Tiger Electronics, LTD. USA.
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