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Table of Contents:

1) Statistics

2) News

3) Letter to the Editor

4) Electronic Furby Updates

5) Furbish Word of the Issue

6) Fun Furby Fact

7) Retailers List

8) Closing

9) Unsub and Copyright Information


Here's some current stats:

Currently there are 2234 ebay auctions going on, 1844 on Yahoo!, and 163 on



And now...onto the News (complete articles found at:


SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 7, 1999--Based on reports from thousands of retail stores across the

country, gazebo.com today announced its revised ``Ten Most Wanted'' list.  

     Gazebo.com Ten Most Wanted as of Dec. 6:

     1.       Pokemon(TM), Yellow Bundle

     2.       Apple® iBook(TM), Tangerine

     3.       Trip to Super Bowl XXXIV

     4.       Barbie® Deluxe Dream House

     5.       Jeff Gordon: NASCAR Racer

     6.       Nintendo® Game Boy®, Atomic Purple

     7.       Millennium Princess Barbie®

     8.       Amazing Ally

     9.       Furby® Babies

     10.      Video System Interactive Play Buddy

Since its debut on Dec. 1, 1999, gazebo(TM) has collected thousands of reports from thousands of retail outlets on nearly 100

hard-to-find products. 

In another related story, I saw a news report last night that made mention that the pokemon craze is alot of hype.  While the stores are selling out, alot of this is due to lack of inventory moreso than tons of purchasing.  Furby's still doing incredibly well for itself considering that this would be its second year within the top ten.


According to NPD, the top 20 toys garnered $101 million in sales, or 9% of total dollars spent on toys, during Thanksgiving

week. Dollar sales for the top 20 best selling toys jumped 15% compared to last year's top 20 sellers. Unit sales for the top 20

grew 19%. 

Mattel and Hasbro together captured 90% of the sales volume generated by the top 20 best sellers. Running neck-and-neck,

Hasbro captured 46% of those dollar sales, while Mattel captured 44%. 

Despite competition from newcomers like Pokemon, old favorites came out ahead in NPD's top 20 ranking based on units.

Based on units sold, the period's top performers were Mattel's Hot Wheels Basic Cars and Hot Wheels 5 Car Gift Pack, which also topped last year's best seller list for Thanksgiving week. Confirming the lasting appeal of these and other classic toys, NPD reports that six of the week's top sellers, including Hot Wheels, were introduced before 1990. Only three new 1999 introductions captured top spots in terms of units sold. Not surprisingly, all three were Pokemon -licensed. 

Here's November's Best Sellers:



1  Furby Asst.                     Tiger Electronics   Sep 98  $26.67


2  Connect Four                    Milton Bradley      (a)      $8.53


3  Sesame Street Rock N' Roll      Tyco Preschool      Jun 99  $24.14

     Asst.                          (Mattel)

4  Furby Babies                    Tiger Electronics   Sep 99  $23.73


5  Disney Walk 'N Wag Pluto        Mattel              Jul 99  $22.14

6  Trouble                         Milton Bradley      (a)      $8.07


7  Casey Cartwheel                 Toy Biz             Jul 97   $5.92

8  Barbie Deluxe Dream House       Mattel              Jun 98  $74.10

9  Harley Davidson Motorcycle      Fisher-Price        Sep 99 $179.70


10 Barbie Cash Register            Kid Designs         Jul 99  $40.25 


While Pokemon may be the craze of the season, last year's top item is still a strong seller this year, industry figures show.

``Furby's been one of the biggest surprises of the year,'' says Clifford Annicelli, managing editor of Playthings magazine. ``Many people in the industry had predicted a rapid falloff in Furby sales after Christmas of 1998, but that didn't happen.''

The toy maker buttressed Furby sales this year by adding Furby Babies, a smaller, smarter version of the original animatronic toy.

Girls in particular seem to be latching onto Furby this year, sometimes getting two or three. ``It's become a collectible, even at 30 bucks,'' the toy expert says.


Gizmo is Available!

KayBee toys is selling them online for only 29.99 retail! Go to

http://www.kbkids.com/ and search for gizmo!

A picture is available off the Mystic Fortress news page at:



Nov. 1, 1999 -- Top Honors for Tiger's Toys!

A variety of Tiger products have received special recognition for

excellence. Our Pokemon Challenge was chosen Duracell's #1

toy of 1999 in a national survey! Other big award-winners

include Laser Tennis, Sound Bites Pop Radio, Furby, Furby

Babies, our Pokemon Pokedex, and several Star Wars Episode

1 products, including Galactic Battle, Darth Maul Binoculars and

Nabroo and Droid Fighter Battle. 

More information in Tigertoys.com news section!


Furby on TV

Furby is making appearences in TV as of late.  Sadly us here at Furby post

missed this bit of information untill now.  This is the information directly

from furby.com

The superstar of toys will make three furbtastic TV appearances in the

coming week:

       Tues., Dec. 7 - The Today Show. Furby will be accompanied by Roger

       Shiffman, Tiger's president.

       Later Today - NBC - Friday Dec 10 9:00 am (after today show)

       Fri., Dec. 10 - Rosie O'Donnell

       Sat., Dec. 11 - A&E's "Top 10" show

       Tues., Dec. 14 - Donnie and Marie

Tune in to see the star in action!

PS: if you didn't see him on Rosie O'Donnell, you didn't miss anything!

She's done nothing but done/said negative things about furby, it's beyond me

why she's agreeing to promote it!  No less she is, including a special

auction of a Furby made in her likeness, it can be seen here:



Furby Promotion

We mentioned this in last issue, but heres the official announcment from


       Dec. 5, 1999 - Two New Furby Promotions

       Two major consumer products companies, Hi-C and Post, have joined

       forces with Furby to bring you fun & games. Millions of Hi-C juice boxes

       now feature Furby pictures and jokes, and millions of Post-branded

       products (including cereals Cocoa Pebbles, Honey Comb and Oreo-O's

       as well as Jell-O yogurt) carry entry forms for Post's "DESIGN YOUR

       OWN FURBY" contest. See Post products for complete details. Note

       that the lucky winner of Post's contest will get to design a REAL Furby.

       Visit the "Games" section of the Furby web site (www.furby.com) to play

       new online games inspired by Hi-C and Post.


Furby IR Talker has been released!

But it's called Furby Chatterlink. On it is Furby on top of a cloud and the

mouth moves as it says several phrases.  It takes 2 AA batteries.  I have

been told it is great for helping two Furbys start a conversation.  It

doesn't react to Furby sending back IR, but it does make Furby reply.  It

works on Furby and Furby Babies.  I've been told it can also make Furby

sneeze and make him sick!  It retails for $19.99 at most toy stores.


Millennium Furby Reverse

It has been spotted occasionaly around the US!  Keep your eyes out for him.

He is not as rare as the original Millennium, but is sure to be a collectors

item.  There is a pic of him in the Furby Accessories section of Electronic



He is available from www.tru.com if you wish to shop online.


Furby Babies have become nearly as popular as the original Furby and due to this, Tiger Electronics is releasing Furby babies in new Fur colors.  They are keeping with the same bright colors in series two, with only a few a little darker.  Again, no solid colors, but many wild combinations!

Be sure to watch out for these new fellows at your local toy stores, including Toys R Us, Wal*Mart, Target, KBToys, FAO, Shopko, and Wards.  They have not been widely spotted, so you may want to check online for them at many auctions such as Ebay and Yahoo! auctions..

See a picture here:



Letters to the Editor:

Nothing this issue, but if you have a question you'd like posted send it along to: 


and we'll have it answered as soon as possible.


Electronic Furby website updates

-First TV Appearence

I was contacted by a TV production company in the UK called Illumina. They

produce an entertainment programme for Sky One called Skyrocket, which

features new science stories and the best of the web.  It is from 6-9pm on

Saturday evenings.  They have decided to review my website!  It will be the

week of December 18th and I'll be linked from their website:


If anyone is the UK wants to give me a Christmas gift and tape it for me

since I have no way of viewing it...... *smile* :)

-Furby Babies gen2

If you missed the news above, I added a new page with image of the latest

fur colors of Furby Babies here: http://www.mimitchi.com/html/furbn87.htm

I also added several new articles to Furby News and a couple to Furby



-The Poll

The website Furby Poll has been updated and we'd love to hear your responses

to it.  It only takes two clicks to complete, so if you'd be so kind

as to fill it out, the URL is:



Furbish Word of the Issue:

"Yumm-wah" it means 'taste good' in Furbish, according to the Furby Babies

dictionary. The adults say this as much as the babies, but apparently they

felt the need to actualy add it to the dictionary when the babies came out.


-Fun Furby Facts

Did you know you can get product information right on Tiger Toys website?

For example here is the information page on Gizmo:


And here is the information page on Furby Babies:


On the right there is links to such things as how the package looks and the

manual, depending on the product your viewing!

It looks like they have almost all their products on here so you can get

information on each one, have fun!


Furby Retailers Online:  We figured we might as well reissue this list in order to help everyone out who's looking for Furby and Furby related items for the best price, Kat's compiled a list of current websites that may have what you're looking for :)

Furby Trainers Guide (with new Furby Babies section!)






Furby Clothing


Many outfits for your Furbys, one of the best clothing pages.  A Must see!

They sell Furbys here too!

Furby & Gizmo


$49.95 (Furby)

$67.95 (Gizmo)

Furby & Others


$38.95 (Furby)

$39.95 (Halloween Furby)

$58.95 (Interactive Yoda)

$44.95 (Gizmo)

$49.95 (Furby Babies)

$53.95 (Set of 6 Original Furby Buddies)

Furby Stickers


$6.50 (3 stickers)

Furby & Others


$59.95 (Yoda)

$34.00 (Furby Babies)

Furby Clothing


$5.00 (Furby hat & slippers sleepware)

$5.00 (Newborn outfit)

$4.00 (Tuxedo outfit)

$9.95 (Sleepware, diff from above)

Bejeweled Furby


$100,000 :)

Furby & Others


FAO Schwarz has tons of items (like buddies, find furby game, furbys, furby

babies, backpacks, many more) for good prices, just search for Furby!

(In their top 10 toys Furby Babies is listed as #1! Yeah!)

Furby & Others 


$29.99 (Furby)*

$9.99 (Furby Adventure game)*

$5.99 (Buddies)*

$9.99 (plush backpack)*

*free shipping

Furby & others


They have good prices on many different items, take a look!

Official Tiger Electronics Store


$39.99 (French, German, Japanese, Italian languages)

Warner Brothers Studio Store


$35.99 (Gizmo)


$7.00 (Gizmo Beanie)

$19.99 (Furby)

$7.00 (Buddies)

12.00 (Furby Game)

Furby & Others


Many items, good prices, just search for Furby!

Furby & others


Many many items like cups, dishes, yo-yo's, holiday, fall, babies, games,

Furby cd-rom, just search Furby!

Furby & others


$29.99 (4-Pc. Furby Ornament Set)

$29.99 (Furby & Furby babies)

$39.99 (LE Holiday Furby)

Furby & Others


Clothing, Find furby game, keychains, slippers, babies, furbys, clip-on,

buddies, many more, for great prices!  Just search Furby!

Furby & Others


Furby, Buddies, Babies, special editions, more... good prices.

Furby & Others


Books, Furbys, others.  Good prices as always from Amazon.  If you don't

find what you want in the store, explore their auctions.

Can't find what your looking for still?




These are all great auction sites with many Furby items on sale.  Ebay is

great to find unique items like clothing for Furbys.  Often times auctions

you can find good items at bargan prices, so take a look!

Want to search many auctions sites at once?


Auction Rover searches all of the popular Auction sites at once!

See everyone on Christmas for out last issue of the Millenium! If you have any questions, comments, or whatever, send them along to:


And I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Also, remember to send in Furby stories and Furby page links and I'll be

happy to put them up here with credit :)

Kat, Head of Research

Brendan, Editor in Chief of The Furby Post

Written and composed by Brendan Quinn. The rights to all artwork and creative information included on this particular page and all pages related to The Furby Post are reserved by Brendan Quinn. Furby, Furbish, and all related is ®, TM,& ©Tiger Electronics, LTD. USA.
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