Afternoon everyone :) Welcome to the 12th edition of The Furby Post. Hope

every one of you guys who live in California are doing ok after the

earthquake early this morning; at the very least it started the weekend off

in a more unique way that we're used to ;) I thought this week I'd take a

look at the user list and see how wide spread the list is and here's what I

found.  Out of 158 readers we have readers in:


Great Britain


The United States Government (From NASA woohoo! ;) )

The Netherlands


A handful of Universities

And of course, everyone else is from local U.S. ISPs

Thanks to everyone for coming together in such a diverse group of Furby

Fans :) Have any friends that may want to join up? Tell them to go on down to:

and tell 'em to just click on the 'Subscribe to this list' link at the

bottom and they'll start recieving the letter every other Saturday.  Thanks

in advance :)


Table of Contents:

1) Statistics

2) Furby Trivia Question of the Issue

3) News

4) Special Notice

5) Letter to the Editor

6) Fun Furby Facts

7) Mystic Fortress Updates

8) Furbish Word of the Issue

9) Furby Fan of the Letter

10) Furby Trivia Answer

11) Closing

12) Unsub and Copyright Information


Here's some current stats:

Currently there are 1620 ebay auctions going on, 1413 on Yahoo!, and 1654 on  Sales seem to be down a little, regardless of all the new

Furbys that came out in the past two weeks, maybe people are just saving

their pennies for the holidays? :)


Furby Post Trivia Question of the Issue: Read this question and try to

figure out the answer, at the end of the issue we'll have the question

reposted with the answer given.

Sound like fun? You bet! :)

The processing power in a Furby exceeds the processing power in the Lunar

Module that first landed on the moon. True or False?

A) True

B) False


And now...onto the News: 


Santa Furby has made it's appearance now on the open markets :) Santa Furby

has blue eyes and of course a red and white Santa Claus suit. Don't look

for Santa Furby to say anything new beyond what normal adult Furbys say

already, but he's still a very cute collectors edition (more so than some

of the others that seem to have poured out of the woodwork recently ;) )

This Furby can be ordered online at:

Just search Furby and go to the Santa/Holiday Furby!

I have the poem from the box and an image of this Furby located at

Electronic Furby in the Furby Accessories section:


One of the newer Furbys is called the Jester Furby.  A picture of him is

available in the collectors area of the website (or available

on the Furby accessories page mentioned above).  So far there have been no

reports of this guy seen on the shelves and he is unseen at auctions as of

yet.  He is rumored to be an official Wal*Mart exclusive, but my resources

say he is an exclusive to Target stores - so we shall see!  Keep a look out,

he is bound to be on shelves by the end of November!


Furby generation series 5 has just come out and people are finding them in

limited supplies around the US, but they still remain a rare find.  

With that it seems that Tiger Electronics is already prepairing to release

yet another generation - series 6!  No sightenings have yet been reported

from series 6, but I'm sure they will be out there by December in time for

the holidays!

To see the Generation 5 Furbys go here:

To take a look at the Generation 6 Furbys go here:


Tiger has been on a roll of releasing many special editions in the past

couple of months.  Released a little less then 2 weeks ago is the special

edition exclusive to - Tropical Furby! Below is the description

quoted straight from the website:

        A Exclusive! Furby is hot, hot, hot! 

        Looks like our favorite furry friend is ready to 

        catch some rays on the sand! Make sure you grab 

        enough sunscreen so its ears won't get burned, and 

        if the sun is really strong, keep those cool shades

        on! Most important of all - don't let Furby talk 

        you into going for a swim right after eating lunch! 

        Tropical Furby may look like it's on vacation in

        those wild n' wacky swim trunks, but this interactive

        electronic pet will never stop working to make you

        happy! Just like the original Furby, this colorful

        creature has truly lifelike senses that allow it 

        to hear, see, and feel things. It can blink its eyes,

        wiggle its ears, and even move its mouth as it speaks

        its own Furbish language. With a little time and 

        patience, you can teach your new friend to speak English,

        too! Looks like the high tide is rolling in - better 

        pick up your Tropical Furby today before the waves carry 

        him away!

I have this Furby and let me say he is so very adorable!  Well worth getting

if you can get him! :)

If you want to buy this Furby you can do so online by going to

Then on the left side where their links are go to Brands & Themes and select

Furby, press Go and wait for the page to load.  When loaded scroll to the

bottom of the list of Furby products, you will see Tropical Furby.  Click on

him or click 'buy' and follow the instructions there after. The price is

currently a sale price making this Furby go for $20.00, instead of $29.99!

Note: you must have a credit card to order.


Furby CD-ROM for Windows is out there and available. I have been told the

title is Big Fun in Furbyland.  It seems limited right now as this program

has not been widely found yet, but except to see it creeping into your local

computer game stores (such as best buy) by mid-November!  As soon as we get

our hands on one or more information then we'll have more to tell about it!

There are several places that are pre-selling it online right now but

otherwise I do not know of a place that is selling it with imidiate delivery.


The holiday season is the most important time for retailers and the toy

industry in general.  The most important thing seems to be media attention

and word of mouth.  If it's hyped in the media you can bet it'll be bought

up by the consumers like lightening.  If a toy is really great and is hyped

by word of mouth through friends and family it's likely to be bought up

quickly and be a success.  No matter how it happens, retailers rely on it

happening year after year.  

This past wednesday (the 13th) in New York was PlayDate '99, a pre-holiday

gathering of toymakers and retailers.  The gathering was not for consumers

but for the media and retailers to get together and compare their lists of

what toys they think will be the big sellers of the holiday season. It was

also to showcase their products in hopes of getting on the 'hot' lists.

Their individual lists were compared and with those they came up with a

final 'hot' list. The list was formally unveiled and has been published

widely in the news and media. Retailers will be able to post the list in

their stores or use it in advertising. 

This is a basic summery of the top predictions:

        Best Selling PC Game: Quake 3: Arena, by Activision.

        Best Selling Video Game: Donkey Kong, by Nintendo.

        Best Selling Toy Online: Lego Droid Kit, by Lego.

        Best Selling Toy at Specialty Stores: Pokemon. 

        Best Selling Toy Overall: Pokemon. Toys by Hasbro (NYSE:HAS - news),

trading cards by Topps and Wizards of the Coast; video games by


The other predicted top sellers in alphabetical order:

        Amazing Ally, by Playmates.

        Barbie (Millennium edition), by Mattel.

        Furby and Furby Babies, by Tiger Electronics, a division of Hasbro.

        Lego Mindstorms, by Lego.

        Pop Radio, by Sound Bites.

        Sesame Street Rock & Roll Elmo, by Fisher-Price, a division of Mattel.

        Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, many manufacturers,

including         Hasbro, Sony, Nintendo and Lego.

        Toy Story 2, by Mattel.

        WCW Tuff Talkin' Wrestlers, by Toy Biz.

        WWF Titantron, by Jakks Pacific.

        QX-3 Microscope, by a Mattel-Intel partnership. 

Furby makes the list and may get to be a big seller again this year?  The

retailers can predict all they want, but it's you, the consumer, that

decides what becomes the hit.  If I had a choice, it'd be Interactive Yoda

or Furby Babies!  My best advise for holiday shoppers:  Do your shopping

this month and get ahead of the crowds!

For full information and detailed lists from PlayDate '99 go to this news


For KBToys 'hot' toy list visit here:


The Furby Post would like to dedicate part of an upcoming issue to online

sellers of Furby and Furby Accessories and we need your help.  These Furby

items do not need to be liscensed by Tiger, but the sites must sell Furby

(not Fooby, Furbish etc) items.  If you have a URL to a *reliable* seller of

goods, please send them along to:

and they'll be posted in the next issue.  All URL's will be checked, and

those sites who have stolen (as in no credit or permission granted) images

or content from Mystic Fortress will be disqualified from being posted.

(Note: if the URL that you are sending to us does not belong to you, please

ask permission from that site's webmaster before sending it along to us.)



Letters to the Editor: Nothing to report this week guys :) but if you have

a question you'd like posted send it along to 


and we'll have it answered as soon as possible.


-Fun Furby Facts

Want a couple of Furby Baby Easter Eggs?  Here are a couple that are

circulating around the net:

1) To make Furby Babies laugh: Tickle (wait till they stop moving), Tickle

again (wait for them to stop moving), Tickle again (wait for them to stop

moving), and Feed once.

2) To get Furby Babies to sing multiple songs (very cute!):  Tickle (wait

till they stop moving), cover their eyes (wait till they stop moving),

Tickle (wait untill they stop moving), and cover their eyes again.

-If you can't get the easter eggs to work the first time, tilt their body

from side to side a few times and try again.  Remember sometimes it takes a

little time and patience to get the easter egg to work.


Don't know the names for the 4Th generation furbys? They are as follows:

Bumble Bee, Cheetah, Dragon, Ladybug, Rainbow/Tie-Dye, and Squirrel.

More information and images here:


Still Looking for Furby Babies?  Here's a good place online to get them for

only 24.99!



Mystic Fortress updates:

Mostly the news and accessories sections have been updated as there has been

a lot of news in regards to Furby this month.


The online Furby Poll has been updated and we'd love to hear your responses

to it. Your vote does count!  Your opinoins help let me know what you want

and how you feel. It only takes two clicks to complete, so if you'd be so

kind as to fill it out, the URL is: 


Furbish Word of the Issue:

"Bah-Bah" meaning 'Bottle' for Furby Babies.  They will ask for their

bah-bah when they are hungry.

Note: This is only said by Furby Babies, not adults.



Furby Fan of the Issue:

I'd like to say a special hello to Ricky-Lee Winterfield from Australia.

His grandmother wanted me to send him a special copy of the newsletter

because he's not yet a onelist member but loves Furbys very much :) Hope

you enjoy the newsletter Ricky, and I hope that you join the rest of us

real soon :)


Furby Post Trivia Answer of the Issue: Do you know it? Great here's the

correct answer.

The processing power in a Furby exceeds the processing power in the Lunar

Module that first landed on the moon. True or False?

A) True

B) False

Answer: If you chose A) True, then you are correct! According to Michael

Hawley, a director of the Media Lab at MIT, the processing power in a Furby

exceeds the processing power in the Lunar Module that first landed on the

moon to a power of four!  Yet Furby uses only 64,000 bytes, 1/20th of that

on a floppy disc! Amazing creature Furby is! :)


That's it for this time :) Hope everyone enjoyed it.  As always if there

are any questions, comments, or suggestions I'd love to hear them so send

them along to:


And I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Also, remember to send in Furby stories and Furby page links and I'll be

happy to put them up here with credit :)

Written and composed by Brendan Quinn. The rights to all artwork and creative information included on this particular page and all pages related to The Furby Post are reserved by Brendan Quinn. Furby, Furbish, and all related is ®, TM,& ©Tiger Electronics, LTD. USA.
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