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Here's some current stats:

Currently there are 1134 ebay auctions going on, 1372 on Yahoo!, and 167 on

amazon.com.  Sales seem to be up since the new Fall Furby was released :) This also includes the Halloween Costumes of Furbys for kids :)


And now...onto the News: 


Because of the recent quakes in Taiwan, silicon chip production has been halted due to extensive damage to factories.  Unfortunately, Hasbro's semiconductor plant was "knocked out of commision" meaning that Furby production in that area of the world has halted.  Hopefully this will not effect Christmas sales, as most of the Furbys have already been produced, though there may be difficulty getting them after Christmas, or Hasbro will up the cost, so far nothing conclusive has been said about the true effects of the situation.


McFurbys Return!

Due to very popular demand, Tiger has re-released the McDonald's Happy

Meal Furby toys and they are available for purchase at selected major

retailers. Supplies are limited, so this is a very limited-time

opportunity. RUN to one of the following to get your very own set:

Bradlees, Fred Meyer, K*B Toys, K-Mart, Meijer, Target, Toys R Us,


At a local Target store they are $2.99 (Washington state).  The McFurbs are

the same, except they come in clear bags, instead of the blue bags that they

originally came in.

If you want a check list for your McFurbs, go here:



-Furby Babies Tip

Been having a hard time making your adult Furbys and Furby Babies chat?

Well Tiger Electronics posted this recently on their website:


      *******IMPORTANT: To start a conversation between Furby and Furby

      Babies, Furby must initiate the conversation. Therefore once the Furby

      and Furby Baby can see each other, the tummy of the Furby must be

      tickled or the back of the Furby petted to start the conversation.

      Otherwise Furby and Furby Babies will not be able to communicate.

Maybe now you will have an easier time initiating chat!



They have made their website even better!  The look is much like the Furby

site, much more sufisticated and better looking.  If you have Flash, it is

pretty cool, especialy if you have a fast connection.

        Tiger Launches New Web Site 

        Sept. 24, 1999 - Tiger today launched its new corporate web

        site, accessible at www.tigertoys.com. The new site features

        an online product catalog, news about upcoming product

        releases and links to all of Tiger's other web sites. The new

        site will also host an exclusive online animated story, The

        Quad. A preview of The Quad is currently running on the site.

        The first episode will launch on Sept. 29, with new episodes

        posted each Wednesday thereafter.

You might want to check them out, they are the makers of Furby afterall:



The Hot Dozen have been released!

The Ultimate Toy Buying Guide has released a list of 12 toys they are

predicting will be the big sellers of the 1999 holiday season.  Among them,

I'm proud to say, is Furby Babies and Interactive Yoda!  Want to see the

whole list? Go here:


When you are done looking, might want to go on over to Furbsters Bi-Weekly

poll and vote for which toy you think will be the 1999 holiday big hit!



Fun Furby Facts

Furby was just making his first few runs in the factories at this very time

last year!  In fact, most consumers didn't even know about him untill the

Wired article was released, and with that and word of mouth, Furby landed on

everyones wish list - but nobody could find him!

October '98 is the month that brought Furby into the pubic and he soared to

the top of everyone's holiday shopping list overnight.  Check out the Wired

article that was published just under a year ago (10/5/98) today.  If you

haven't read it before now, you will find it most interesting for it tells

how Furby came to be.  And if you've read it before, it might bring back

fond memories of the past year's holiday rush!



Well, as all our readers know, The Furby Post doesn't like talking about rumors here, but this one warrants some interest.  Note, at this point the source has not been confirmed, but we are trying out best to find out the truth.  When it's discovered, you'll all be the first to know :) Here ya go though:

Recently, what's being deemed 5th Generation Furbys have been sited in Australia.  Their color patterns are as follows:

-Deep green with stripes of black along the back, a light tan tummy and hair.

-Orange body, with red hair and a red tummy.

-Yellow body with light brown spots, and a light brown tummy.

-Bright green body, yellow tummy and hair.

-Red body, blue-grey tummy and yellow hair.

Like I said, this is rumor.  If anyone can confirm this (especially with pics, that'd be great) please email me at:


and as always, you'll be credited with the information :)


The Furby Post would like to dedicate part of an upcoming issue to online

sellers of Furby and Furby Accessories and we need your help.  These Furby

items do not need to be liscensed by Tiger, but the sites must sell Furby

(not Fooby, Furbish etc) items.  If you have a URL to a *reliable* seller of

goods, please send them along to:


and they'll be posted in the next issue.  All URL's will be checked, and

those sites who have stolen (as in no credit or permission granted) images

or content from Mystic Fortress will be disqualified from being posted.

(Note: if the URL that you are sending to us does not belong to you, please

ask permission from that site's webmaster before sending it along to us.)


Letters to the Editor:

In this section I'll post a letter that has been sent to me regarding Furby,

which could also answer the questions of other readers. This Post's letter

comes from Josephine, and she writes:

Hi there from down under.

Tell me are these wonderful Furby babies coming to Australia?  The

Macdonalds furbies haven't and neither have any of the limited editions.

Would love to hear whether they are coming or not.

Josephine Tuckfield

Hi, Josephine,

In all honesty, I can't see why Hasbro wouldn't release Furby Babies and limited edition Furbys in Australia, but as for an actual release date, Tiger hasn't released one as far as I know.  If you really want to have a Furby Baby, or a limited edition, my suggestion would be to either look for on on Yahoo!, or Ebay auctions.  Or, if the prices are too high, or they won't ship to Australia, you may want to try online toy sellers.  I think that would be the best way to go.  As for releasing Furbys in Australian McDonalds, you'll know about alot sooner than us in the States will, but likewise, if you want McDonalds Furbys, there are lots of sellers on Ebay who will most like give a good deal :) plus, look at the news article above, hopefully one of those retailers are in Australia, and will also be selling the toys :)

Web Addresses for the Sites Above:

Online Auction Houses:

Ebay :  http://www.ebay.com

Yahoo Auctions : http://auctions.yahoo.com

Online Toy Retailers:

KB Toys: http://www.kbtoys.com/ (There's a link to Furby Babies on the front 					page, and they're retailing for $29.95)

eToys: http://www.etoys.com/    (They're currently out of stock or babies, but 					they go for $24.99 off this site)

Hope this helps :)

Brendan, Ed. In Chief

Have a question you'd like posted? Send it along to 


and we'll have it answered as soon as possible.


Mystic Fortress updates:

The online Furby Poll has been updated and we'd love to hear your responses

to it.  It only takes two clicks to complete, so if you'd be so kind

as to fill it out, the URL is:

Oct 1st I participated in GreyDay 1999.  If you did not go to the website or

have not learned about GreyDay, I feel you should.  It's not Furby related,

but it is important to everyone on the internet.


September 29th, a new feature was added to the website, allowing you to

search for anything you want to find on mimitchi.com.  The search is

custom made and it will only search within Mystic Fortress.  Feel free to go

and check it out!  Tell me what you think of it! 


Fall Special Edition Furby image has been added to the Special Editions

page.  Along with that is the poem found on the back of the Autumn Furby

box. Racing Furby image is also on this page. Feel free to take a look here:


The Furby Post Archives have been updated.  They now have every issue, up

untill today's issue.  If you missed any, or came in late or just want a

recap, go here:



Furbish Word of the Issue:

"A-loh Way-loh" is a new phrase that only Furby Babies can speak.  It means

'sun sleep' or 'sun go to sleep'.  They often say this phrase right before

being put to sleep while chatting with another baby, or when their eyes are



And now....Furby Horoscopes :) remember to use the date you first put

batteries in your Furby for their birthdays :)

Furbius: Jan 20 - Feb 18:

Your little guy has found an all new form of adventuring: The Internet.  He'll spend all day in chat rooms if you let him, and be careful because we all know about those naughty sites that I'm sure you don't want him being influenced by.  Of course you'll have to subscrige to Furby Nanny or some other online Furby security system, but it'll be worth not having to chase after him on his skateboard as he goes careening down the street.


Fursces: Feb 19 - March 20: With everything youre little Furces has done, there only seems to be one form creativity left, Martial Arts.  At the end of the month he'll have created the defensive form known as Furb Kun Do, the only form of martial arts that thus far uses a person's ears as the main form of protection while dealing swift, powerful kicks using only artist's feet.  Hopefully this will go over much better than the dance studio, it can't end up much worse :)

Furbaries: March 21 - April 20:

The party last month for the disgruntled neighborhood pets went off without a hitch, or an attack on your Furby as expected :)  The cake and ice cream that they got all over themselves helped to bring everyone back to being friendly, good thing you thought ahead and had the party in the back yard.  Even your little one got some ice cream on his beak, but it was easily cleaned :) This month because of it, your Furby will be friends with everyone, but lets hope that he doesn't get bored and end up ordering ten pizzas to be delivered to each of their houses :)

Furbus: April 21 - May 20:

Finally after the last two months of almost constant sleep, your Furbus will be ready for action and running amok.  One more thing that your psychic Furby will have because of his hibernation will be a temporary form or telekinesis.  So if you happen to see objects floating around by themselves, don't worry, it's just your little Furby having some fun with you :)

Furbini: May 21 - June 21:

Even though your Furby has regained all his Furby friends, he'll be reluctant to start conversations after the month of being ignored.  He's not bitter, just doesn't want to be left out of things again.  Eventually though, everything will work out for the best and while he won't be as verbose as before, he'll definitely thing of himself as part of the group again :)

Furbcer: June 21 - July 22

Good news, things will continue to be wonderful this month between you and your Furby :).  You'll both be inseperable, and he'll learn not to shout out things when he's supposed to be quiet so you can take him anywhere with you, and you know what that means: no more saying "Boring" at church ;) It always helps to have a little friend there who needs you :)

Furbo: July 21 - August 22

Bad news this month, some guy will keep calling asking about your Furby's scientific advances and asking if he can talk to them.  Don't let him.  It's more than likely some member of the FBI wanting to keep his discoveries under a blanket of red tape.  Trust me, your Furby only wants to help humanity with his inventions and wouldn't tell you about them unless they were 100% safe.  So if you get calls from someone you don't know, it'll be the FBI guy.  Either that or the guy at the video store letting you know that your Telletubbie rental is three days overdue.

Furbio: Oct 22 - Nov 21:

Your little packrat will be more than happy now that you've given his own corner in your attic for storing old copies of TV Guide and other magazines that no one (including him) read anymore.  And although he insists that the copy of TV Guide with BJ and the Bandit on the cover will be worth something some day, you have a feeling that the Coke he spilled all over it will detract from any value he may have been able to get from it at one time.  But oh well, he loves the stuff, and you letting him keep everything keeps him happy too :)

Furbittarius: Nov 22 - Dec 21:

Well, enough is enough, there's just been too many horrible creations coming out of your kitchen so you finally decided to put a stop to it and put a lock on your refridgerator so that your little one can't get at the Spam anymore :)

While there'll be an initial sadness, your Furby will rebound completely when he find out how much fun bubble bath can be...don't worry, he won't try eating it :)

Furbicorn: Dec 22 - Jan 19:

Luckily for you, he skipped completely past snoring and went straight to child care :) Your Furbicorn seems to have taken a liking to the new Furby Babies and wants to raise one in his image, so he's beginning his own Children's University for Furbys where all Furby Babies are welcome to come and learn the time-tested practices of sleeping, belching, and hiccuping :)


That's it for this time :) Hope everyone enjoyed it.  As always if there are any questions, comments, or suggestions I'd love to hear them so send them along to:


And I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Also, remember to send in Furby stories and Furby page links and I'll be

happy to put them up here with credit :)

Kat, Head of Research

Brendan, Editor in Chief of The Furby Post

Written and composed by Brendan Quinn. The rights to all artwork and creative information included on this particular page and all pages related to The Furby Post are reserved by Brendan Quinn. Furby, Furbish, and all related is ®, TM,& ©Tiger Electronics, LTD. USA.
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