Hey everyone :) Happy Saturday, and welcome to the tenth issue of The Furby

Post.  Currently we have 141 readers and we're always looking for more :)

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First, some statistics:

Currently there are 1315 Furby related auctions on Ebay.com, 2194 auctions

on Yahoo! and 174 auctions via Amazon.com.  


Furby Post Trivia Question of the Issue: This is a newer area and here's how

it works.  You read this question and try to figure out the answer, at the

end of the letter we'll have the question reposted with the answer given.

Sound like fun? You bet! :)

When did Dave Hampton first show off Furby to Tiger Electronics

Representatives in order to have them produce it?

A) August, 1998

B) September, 1997

C) July, 1996

D) January, 1995


And now for the News:


Although Tiger hasn't put up a new image (which is typically the case for

special editions this early on) Kmart has recieved 72,000 units of a

special limited edition Furby exclusive to their stores.  This Furby, from

what I can gain from the pictures I've seen is identical to the black/white

tuxedo Furby with the exception that the belly is checkered in a black and

white racing pattern.  These guys should be in stores now, so keep looking

if you're a limited edition collector.


If you've never purchased anything from eToys.com for whatever reason,

they're offering some added incentive to get you to take another look.  Go to:


and read the info on that page to recieve $10 off your *first* purchase

with them.  The sum of all purchases will have to be at least $25 but it'll

make any Furby they have only $20 or it could buy a hand full of Buddies at

a fraction of the cost :) Hope ya can use this.


Well, the design team at Tiger has done it again.  There's a new Halloween

Edition Furby out on the auction block, and no this is not the Wizard

Furby.  The Halloween special edition Furby is limited to 250,000 and will

more than likely be sold in all the normal stores that have housed Furbys

in the past.  The color pattern of the Furby is orange, with a black belly,

and a black witches hat.  To tell the truth, this guy looks more like a

jack-o-lantern Furby than a witch (but oh well, I'm still partial to the

Wizard ;) ).  The box itself is also colored yellow, orange, and brown

(standard halloween) and as a whole doesn't look too bad.  I think we'll

see alot more of these guys staying in the box rather than being played

with though.


In case you were curious to see what the Furby Baby commercial looks like,

or wondering what the mad rush on 8/31 felt like, you can go to Tiger's

site (furby.com) and enter their babyland section to see both of these

events displayed over the wonderful internet ;)

The movies are in both quicktime and .avi formats.  


Letters to the Editor: Every now and again someone drops a line and asks a

question that we feel would best be answered in a public forum because it

may happen to occur to lots of people.  This issue's letter comes from Rose

and she writes:

Hi everyone,

What is the deal with the rainbow furby? There was a picture on one of the 

auction sites. This furby is really pretty. There was no mention of it being 

a limited edition and it is not in the 4th generation line up. Someone give 

me the scoop.   furby friend Rose


Hi Rose, 

Actually, as it turns out, the rainbow Furby is in truth the tie-dyed one,

which is as you've correctly observed much better looking than I think all

of us believed it to be from the images that Tiger posted.

Hope this helps,

Brendan and Kat

Do you have a question that you'd like answered in The Post? Feel free to

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and we'll respond as soon as possible :)


The online Furby Poll has been updated and we'd love to hear your responses

to it.  It only takes a couple mouse clicks to complete, so if you'd be so

kind as to fill it out, the URL is:


Thanks in advance :)


Furby Post Trivia Answer of the Issue: Think you got the right date? Great

here's the correct answer.

When did Dave Hampton first show off Furby to Tiger Electronics

Representatives in order to have them produce it?

A) August, 1998

B) September, 1997

C) July, 1996

D) January, 1995

If you said B) September, 1997 then you're absolutely correct :)


That's all for this issue, hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did, and I

hope you tune in next issue for more wonderful Furby Fun :)

Thanks as always :)

Brendan Quinn,

Editor in Chief of The Furby Post

Written and composed by Brendan Quinn. The rights to all artwork and creative information included on this particular page and all pages related to The Furby Post are reserved by Brendan Quinn. Furby, Furbish, and all related is ®, TM,& ©Tiger Electronics, LTD. USA.
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