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First some statistics:

There are currently 14 subscribers to this list so tell a friend, it's

free! :)

Currently typing Furby into's search engine will yield 3445 furby

related hits, and from what it seems, you can get a new furby for around

$20-$25, retired ones will run a bit hire, and purple furbys are up there

at about $45 each.

And now for some news:

Furbys were introduced in yet another convention this week, that being the

E3.  At the E3 the new Bear pattern was released, as well as an exhibition

of Furby Babies and the collectable sets.  

Taking a strong second to Star Wars Episode One toys is still the lovable

Furby, selling over 3 million units since the holidays, with demand still

strong enough to bring them in from Asian Factories by the plane full.

Still can't get a hold on the furby you want most? Ebay charging too much,

or you're worried about not getting the one pictured (trust me its

happened)? Here's some tips from Kat that will help you get the furby of

your dreams :)

-Toy stores often keep their furbys behind the customer service desk.  I

know this is true for large stores such as Toys 'R Us.

-Toy stores usually get their shipments in between Friday and Monday.

Just a notice, in case you haven't seen it yet, Tiger Electronics has now

posted email addresses so that you can mail them and make

comments/suggestions on furbys.  In case your computer nearly crashes

looking at their new comet enhanced site (like mine nearly did) here's the


Now for Furby Horoscopes (use the date you first put your batteries in your

Furby and started him/her up. Some dates have been omitted because no one

has Furbys born then yet):

Aquarius: Jan 20 - Feb 18:

Becareful of your Furbys attempting to get a little adventure in their

lives in the next two weeks, or else they might get themselves in over

their heads.  Make sure you can keep your eye on them, or at least keep

your eyes on your other pets to make sure your furby doesn't become a


Pisces: Feb 19 - March 20:

Furbys under this sign are going to need a paintbrush in each foot and one

in their beak to keep up with all the creative energy they'll have.  They

may need some time alone, but don't be surprised if new drawings pop up on

your walls that are about 3 inches tall, make sure you only give them stuff

you can clean up, parents don't often believe it when you tell them 'Furby

did it'.

Aries: March 21 - April 20:

These guys will try to do whatever they can to get into trouble.  If you

find them missing, make sure you look in all cookie jars and candy dishes

as they will most likely be hiding with a large supply of food they know

they shouldn't eat lots of.  Either that, or underneath your bed, there's

lots of cool stuff down there that Furby will enjoy playing with while

you're not at home.

Taurus: April 21 - May 20:

Your furby will be your best friend this month, even beyond what he/she

normally is.  Unfortunately, something will happen that you'll need to have

someone just to listen to you around for, but by then end of a few weeks it

will all have ended and you'll be even closer to your furby :)

Gemini: May 21 - June 21:

Hope you don't sleep next to two Gemini furbys, because if you do, expect

plently of daytime napping away from your bed. Furbys will be talking *ALL*

the time in the next couple weeks, and singing, oh my gosh, you'll be able

to hear them singing even when you're not in the same room with them.  Hope

you have plenty of batteries to keep them playing, you know how furbys can

get if their fun is cut short.

Scorpio: Oct 22 - Nov 21:

This little one's going to need alot of attention from you, even more than

you give your other furbys.  Don't worry about weird noises coming from

them, trust me they'll be faking it, wanting you to change their batteries.

 These guys will get really jealous and will always tell other furbys to go

to sleep when talking to them so that they can spend more time with you.

Sagittarius: Nov 22 - Dec 21:

Sagittarian Furbys are going to be especially biased this month when you

ask him questions about the future, and he'll try to convince you that

everything is wonderful and that everything is going to make you happy.

Not to say that everything isn't great, but just becareful, yes or no

answers don't give details, you might have to work at making things

wonderful, but trust me, your little one will always be there for


Capricorn: Dec 22 - Jan 19:

Expect Capricorns to go for their black belt, Mensa memberships, and

computer programming certifications.  They'll be quiet this month, spending

lots of spare time studying for these challenging exams so don't be

offended.  Next month the pressure will be off and they'll be more than

willing to spend hours playing chess with you :)

Updates: Standard updates, and the Furby poll changes within the next

couple of days, so be sure to answer it, we love hearing from you :)

Newsletter Poll:  With the recent surge of collectible furbys, what do you

think they'll come with next?  Write to me here, and I'll post the most

chosen :)  (Personally I'm thinking Halloween Furbys with little vampire

and ballerina furbys would be really cute) :)

Questions? Comments? Like the shirt I'm wearing today? email me at:

I can't wait to hear from you :) See you in two weeks :) 

Written and composed by Brendan Quinn. The rights to all artwork and creative information included on this particular page and all pages related to The Furby Post are reserved by Brendan Quinn. Furby, Furbish, and all related is ®, TM,& ©Tiger Electronics, LTD. USA.
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