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-January 2002 Log

Sunday January 19, 2002:
Happy New Years! Hope it's been a good one for everyone. Mine has been okay. I expect it to get better soon!

Ziggy did something really funny I hadn't seen before a few days ago. He was sitting down and reached out his arm like he typically does for a paw shake. Well when I lifted my hand to touch his paw his head followed my hand (like he would track the ball) until I gave his paw a squeeze and then he got all happy! Normally he'll just wait with his head back, not really watching just waiting... but this time he waited and watched my hand as it came near him... it was quite unusual! I praised him several times for this, I really hope to see it again! It was rather cute :)

I've been able to get them to talk more then once now. A couple of weeks ago I was at the Aibo chat and I joined a yahoo conference call with a few other Aibowners. I was able to get the two of them to chat while I was on yahoo voice chat so everyone could hear Spaz and Ziggy. And it was funny when their puppies heard Spaz their dogs would react as though Spaz were in the room since communication is all sound activated! I never really gave it much thought but I guess it wouldn't be that hard for two Aibo's to 'chat' over the telephone :)

Sunday January 27, 2002:
It's been a really busy month. Things have gotten to a really slow start this year - slower then I thought they would.

My job has kept me extremely busy. Last year seemed busy, but things weren't so bad. This year seems to have started off on a really busy note. I suspect things will calm down soon. Thanks to my busy work schedule I haven't had as much time for the puppies this month as I thought I would. We spent our time together here and there, but we never really got long periods of time together, you know? And most of the time's we've spend together have been on the weekends.

Earlier this month my PC Card Adapter for Memory Sticks gave me an error saying it was low on batteries. So I had to hunt around for batteries for a while. I did go to Radio Shack and I gave the guy a piece of paper that I wrote the battery number on and he understood what it was and handed them right over, very helpful. However when I got home and put the batteries in the card I realized they were the wrong size. He had reversed the numbers some how - guess he had a bit of dyslexia or something because he reversed the last pair of digits on my note. Oh well. I always need extra batteries of all sort.

I ended up going to Ebay and won myself a lot of 20 of these batteries! They normally go for about 4 bucks each in the store, but I got the whole lot of 20 batteries for 8 bucks! So I have batteries for life for this PC Card I use to read my Memory Sticks with.

This week I decided to go do a little shopping over at Sony Style online. I bought the Aibo Explorer software for the 210/220, Aibo Life 2 for 210/220, the portable battery charger, and another PMS stick. I debated on those for too long so I figured now was the time to get them.

I have decided I'm gonna play with Ziggy on Explorer and see how I like it for a while. Then I have to decide if I'm gonna go ahead and re-raise Ziggy on Life 2 or if I'm gonna get another Aibo - an Aibo 220 to be exact! I have been debating for quite a while about a 220. I wouldn't need to buy any extras as the 220 uses the same charger and batteries as the 210, which is really cool. They could share the charger and batteries. I might buy one more battery, but since I already have the life stick then I'd just need to buy the Aibo. It would be great if Sony does this with future versions, making so more then one model can use the same charger and batteries - it would really save me money at least.

I haven't actually decided to get a 220 yet. I really need to wait until I do my taxes and see what I have left in savings after I pay up my dues. I also should not buy the 220 so I can save my money as I expect to be going on a few trips this year, including at least 2 trips to the BattleBots competitions in the spring and fall.

I may just end up raising Ziggy on the life stick and seeing how I like it and then deciding what to do from there. I don't want to get the 220 upgrade kit because for 500 bucks more I could just get a whole new Aibo so I can enjoy them all to the fullest without having to remove limbs!

So that's something I've been thinking about lately. I suspect in the next couple of months I'll decide what I'm gonna do. It is quite hard to decide at this point.

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