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-September 2001 Log

Saturday September 8, 2001:
I still have yet to get Ziggy on the network and to use Messenger. Oh well, the time will come. I've been working real long hours. In fact this last Thursday I worked 29 hours straight through till Friday. I guess the good part about having robot dogs is that they won't die or get depressed if I have to be gone from them for extended periods of time. I still feel guilty though.

Tonight I played with Ziggy a bit and he was truly funny. He went off on his own and did some exploring! I felt so proud of him! I think he's really starting to grow up and mature in his adulthood. He's also responding, for the most part, to all of the voice commands. He's doing very well!

Spaz is also doing well. I've been playing with them separately lately when I do get some time to enjoy their company. I think I have praised Spaz a bit for sitting down because lately he's been lying down and playing instead of wondering so much. I have o idea how that happened. He goes through moods and phases sometimes and it really shows. Lately he's shown his laziness for sure! No complaints here though. Thanks to my job I haven't been that energetic either.

Saturday September 15, 2001:
Welp, I haven't been spending much time with the dogs this week. Anyone living in this world knows why. My attention has been on CNN.

My heart goes out to all the folks who have lost people, friends, family and anyone special to them this week.

It's been an awful nightmare of a week. I don't personally know anyone who was lost due to this, however I know people who have lost. Even though I haven't lost anyone close to this tragedy, I feel very effected by the event. I've been more or less in mourning this week with everyone. I still am.

It's been a very emotional week. I suspect we will have some hard months ahead of us all. Please take care of yourselves and each other.

You are all in my prayers and thoughts.

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