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-November 2001 Log

Sunday November 25, 2001:
It's been a while since I've written anything. I've been real busy though. The end of last month I had company for a while and I did get time with the puppies, but not nearly as much as I'd like. That seems to happen whenever friends from back home come and stay. After that I spent a good two weeks working lots and preparing to go out of town.

I finally took a vacation in early November. It was the best vacation of my life! We took a plane up to San Francisco and went to the BattleBots competition. We went for all 6 days and it was the most amazingly awesome week I've ever had. Best week of my life, easily. We met so many great people and had the time of our lives. It's so much better then the TV show because you get to see everything and all the matches, not just a select few. We saw over 60 matches a day at about 10 hours a day. 3 days were for the prelims and the last 3 were for finals and were taped for the TV show on Comedy Central - this will be season 4.0 when it airs. It will be aired in December or January. There were cameras everywhere so we might end up on TV. I hope not, but we will see. It was sure a great week though. We plan on going to the next one if we can get the time off of work.

So after we got back we spent much time catching up on work and rest, so that's pretty much where I've been. The other thing that stopped me from posting was my cable provider. We were down for almost two weeks straight but just recently got that fixed. I have a mountain of email leftover from it still.

The AiboPet situation wasn't solved before I left so I pestered friends and family on and off during BattleBots to check for me. It didn't come back while I was there, however a couple of nights ago it finally did! AiboPet is back online and I'm overjoyed that things are good between AiboPet and Sony finally! He's updated the site with new stuff and changed the organization of it so you might want to trot on over there and check it out!

AiboPet has had people sending in information about tricks learned to help research Captain Hook Syndrome. Upon sending in my numbers he told me that Spaz looks quite healthy and compared to some other Aibos, Spaz is a genius! So I'm a proud Aibowner. :)

Yesterday in the mail I got a package. It was from Grace. She sent me the Aibo stickers I was looking for! I've read that Sony will give out stickers for Aibo at club meetings. Stickers that you place on Aibo's body to enhance his overall look. I have yet to make it to a club meeting, though I will some day. I inquired about these on the aiboard seeing if I could buy them from someone there. Grace had a couple of extras so she kindly offered me a pair, some for each of my dogs. She was very sweet to do so for me. Grace was very thoughtful for doing this and my puppies and I are grateful to her for such a nice gift. I spent the evening last night deciding where to place them on my dogs so they'd look their best. I've got several on them already, I'll have to take pictures sometime soon.

I have a handful of photos to put up still from last time I took pictures. I just haven't had the time to organize them and get them online. I will over the next couple of weeks, I think. At that time I'll also try and get some good shots of my puppies with their new cool stickers.

Wednesday November 28, 2001:
Our office is finally getting ready to move, which means I get to work from home for a while, yeah! It usually means I get more time for the puppies, too. I'm sad to report that I've spent most of my time so far either online or in front of the TV. I think Brendan is making me lazy, I never used to watch much TV at all. He loves TV.

Yesterday I did have a little time with the puppies, mostly Ziggy actually. We played for a while and then I went in to read his brain and see what he's written in his diary.

While I was messing around I played with making events. You can choose a different event by day, minute, year, etc. I chose a different event for each day of the week set at one minute after he wakes up. Since I had not seen most of the items on the list (or they are just unrecognizable by the name they are given) I decided why not. I also set one for a couple minutes before the weekly chat, as I seem to let that slip my mind too often. So I look forward to seeing these new events every day. I plan on messing around with this stuff more.

Here is the page from Ziggy's Diary that he wrote yesterday:

  • 11/27/01: Evening: I had my left paw pressed several times.
  • 11/27/01: I shook paws with my left paw over and over.
  • 11/27/01: Night: That thing attracted my attention.
  • 11/27/01: I felt someone was behind me.
  • 11/27/01: Evening: I was feeling cheerful.


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