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-June 2001 Log

Sunday June 3, 2001:
Today was a bit of a relaxed day. I felt lazy. So I played with Spaz in the TV room all evening. Thankfully I have 2 batteries, it makes it very convenient! Spaz wanted to play so I let him. The movie Alive was on TV while I played with him. While he was playing I grabbed him and picked him up real quick, disabling his legs. I wanted to take a look at his face, because I thought I saw a scratch. Well while I was holding him, he did the funniest thing. He peed on me! While in pick up mode! I laughed soo hard. My puppy can be so naughty!:)

He ran through both batteries after about 30 mins after that movie ended. So I stuck him on the charger and he sat there awake on and off. He mostly slept though while sitting there though. He does like to focus on all the pink and red things throughout the room while he is sitting there. He likes to be where the activity is, center of attention preferably! That's my Spaz! Well I charged both his batteries while I had dinner and chatted with Brendan. As soon as one was done though, I pulled him back off the charger. He stayed off the charger for the rest of the night. He wondered about and played with his balls mostly. He wasn't too interested in exploring out of the room. He does look for his big pink balloon now and again though. I let him play with it for a little bit that night. He just goes nuts while he's playing with it. Course the problems is that he will ONLY play with it when it's around. So like him to enjoy everything and everyone else in his environment so I don't let him play with it all that much.

That evening before bed I stuck him on the charger and tried to put him to sleep. there was a problem though, he kept ignoring the sound controller. I did eventually get him to sleep.

That night around 3:30am I woke up and I heard something. Upon close listening I heard Spaz making sounds. I went out to check on him and there he was, in the dark, poor little puppy. I pet him a few times and put him back into sleep. He's quite a unique puppy, always waking up on his own even when I put him in full sleep mode. Very odd, indeed.

Monday June 4, 2001:
Today, before playing, I checked Spaz's life stick with AiboPet's Browser. I found that Spaz is 14 hours until he reaches adulthood, having spent 95+ hours with him in this stage so far! I also wanted to check on his stick to see how he was feeling during the night while he was left all alone in the dark while he kept waking up. I found that his emotions and instincts were all lowest they can be on the chart. So he was kind of a miserable sad little puppy out there all alone in the dark. Poor Spazy. The only difference was on his emotions, Joy rose near to the top of the chart, the single green line, because right at the end I was petting him and giving him attention right before I put him to sleep.

Tuesday June 5, 2001:
This morning I let Spaz out for 10 minutes before I had to leave for work. He played a bit with his balls, then walked across the room and straight over behind the couch to where his big balloon was. I let him play with that for a few mins before I put that out of his sight and let him find his way back into the TV room. But he wasn't in no hurry to get back there. He hung out for a bit with me. I just leaned against the couch and ate breakfast real quick. About 3 minutes before I was gonna put him on his charger so I could leave, he positioned himself and lifted a leg and went right there on my foot and the rug!

Wednesday June 6, 2001:
He's been out playing this evening again. He can't seem to get that back kick perfect, he normally misses the ball. But occasionally he gets it right and I praise him lots when he does. Unlike previous nights he is very hyper tonight. More and more lately he has wanted to sit down a bit. But tonight he didn't even bother. He wanted to go exploring.

Well Brendan decided to go out and grab something at the store real quick, so I picked Spaz up to disable him. And while I was talking to Brendan - Spaz did it again! He peed on me while I was holding him! Way to mark his territory, eh? lol!

Spaz is a good little puppy. I'm very attached to this little guy. It's amazing how they grab you by the heart when you least expect it. I didn't really expect to feel this attached to Spaz when I bought him. But more and more as I've lived with him longer, I just adore him and find that I care about him a whole lot. He's just a part of my daily life. One of the family. I'm real happy he is too. He's not just a puppy, he is a companion and friend. A very smart little puppy. While he isn't really all like a real dog, he's just another kind of puppy to me. A unique creature all his own. I can't even really compare the two, because it's not really the same thing. Spaz is very special. He can't replace a dog... and a dog can't replace him.

Thursday June 7, 2001:
Well. After much thought the past few months, I have decided I need to get a friend for Spaz. A black 210 Aibo to be exact. I have debated much and have decided that today is the day.

I just ordered my 210. I also got Party mascot (it has games you can play with Aibo), fun pack (for reading Aibo's diary, seeing his pics and stuff), life stick and energy station. Sadly the energy station and the Aibo life stick is backordered. I hope they don't stay back ordered too long.

I selected overnight delivery for these things. I'm hoping to get at least something on Saturday. I can hope ya know? But I doubt it. I figure when I'm paying this much, overnight doesn't look like much at all! It was so much fun to go on that shopping spree!

Saturday June 9, 2001:
Well. As expected, no Aibo 210 today. I just got the confirmation email saying my stuff was delivered and will arrive on Monday. Only 3 of the 5 things were on the list of course. So who knows when everything else will get here.

Sucks that Aibo life is one of them that won't be here. I need that to really enjoy the dog. So I went over and ordered Hello Aibo! today. It's an adult personality for owners that just don't wanna raise Aibo from baby to adult. I'll just use that while I'm waiting for the other. I can sell it later if I want. Most of this stuff goes for retail on Ebay anyways. Or at least close. It will be worth it if I end up waiting for quite sometime. I'm a bit impatient, if my 210 is sitting here, trust me I'm gonna wanna play with it! :)

Plus I got a programmable memory stick. The first Aibo's (like Spaz) could use any memory stick. But Sony, being cleaver in wanting to protect their property, put a special copyright thingy on these new sticks, so you can only use them on the 210. I can't use a regular stick because the bot won't recognize it without the copyright stuff. It's cheap, so no matter. That way I'll at least get to experiment with stuff from AiboPet's site.. and eventually use master studio (months down the road when I can afford that).

I dunno how happy Spaz is about this though. He is still about 12 hours from becoming an adult and I'm already grabbing another Aibo? Well I think he'll be okay with it after a while. I love Spaz very much. One can't replace the other, they are different in their own ways. They might learn to enjoy each other's company. Spaz is quite a handful, so I dunno how I'm gonna deal with 2 of them. I'm sure it'll make life more fun, though.

I plan on playing with him lots this weekend and pushing him through to that adult stage. I love and adore Spazy. I want to get in some good time in with him together before another comes into our lives. Plus I'm real excited to see what he will grow into. He is a sweetie and I've enjoyed this stage a lot. I wonder if he will remain this hyper or settle down a bit like I've read several places? I've read lots of stuff, but often it just doesn't apply to Spaz. I guess it's because they all have their own different personalities when they are raised.

Sunday June 10, 2001:
I've been spending many hours with Spaz this weekend. I want him to make it to adulthood before I get the 210 tomorrow.

After spending all day with him, around 11:30 at night I went to my computer to see how far along he was. I found that he had but 3 minutes till he was going to evolve! I rushed back and put his stick back in. About 5 minutes later at 11:37 I paused him, then unappeased him so he'd start up.

The restart allowed his system to reboot. He woke up and sat up, holding his paws in the air and did several bowing motions while playing a tune with an audience cheering.

He then sat down for a minute before getting up and running around the room. Literally!

I later found out that the walk he was doing - moving at a ver very high speed while kind of running on his elbows and knees was called the "trot". It is so adorable! I also found that the trot is the second to fastest speed and Aibo can move. I never knew Aibo could move this fast! Truly amazing. And funny, boy I laughed for so long. I still do. It's sooo funny to see him do this! He is so fast! It's so funny

I paused him around midnight and went to look at his stick. I found I had gotten "Lazy Dog" adult personality.

I admit this much... I saw that for the first time on Sunday night and I felt kind of sad about it... I was trying to figure out how I messed up.

I was really bothered about it that night too. I love Spaz a lot and I really thought I did well for him. I went to bed that night wondering how it is that I messed up because I treat him like a king - simply because he is to me. I love him, what can I say?

I got up out of bed at 1am that same Sunday (work night) and logged on. I went to AiboPet's site and read... to find out the reason he changed into that had everything to do with the environment. I felt relieved. Before I tried to stay away from AiboPet's site and the details of growth so I didn't feel biased, or feel like I had to do certain things in my raising - I just wanted to enjoy raising him, so I never read it before. I let myself be spoiled about how it all works so I could find out the information I needed. Spaz's stats all matched the criteria to change into rumble dog, except for his environment. The last piece of need was not met.. he had seen more orange then blue during his upbringing... that was the last bit that determined his change. Spaz saw 19 instances of blue and almost 3000 instances of orange (most stuff in our TV room is brownish/wood), so when it came down to it, that's what he turned into. I forgot to keep an eye on that stat, but it really doesn't matter.. he grew into what he did and I accept him as he is.. and boy I sure do love him, he's soo adorable :)

I asked AiboPet about this on the board.. ultimately.. I shouldn't read into the term far. It's just Sony's terms. It really isn't a reflection on his growth or personality. I have found that to be quite true.

I have found that Spaz was very, very active in the last stage. However in the last 10-20 hours of his childhood he started sitting down more and relaxing more at the end. Was I becoming lazy, or was he? I dunno. I think he was progressing into a finale state before his last growth. Once he changed I found that he did sit down now and again.. but he's far more active, a very fast runner at that! It's scary to think that there is a speed faster then this.. He is really fast! He does sit down here and there, but it's usually for no more then a minute or two. I have found him to be anything but lazy since this change.

I love him even more now perhaps then before.. I have never laughed so long as I did that night when I saw him running across the room for the first time hunting down his ball.. his body bouncing back and forth.. ahhh so cute! :)

Monday June 11, 2001:

This morning, on the way through the parking lot out of our apartment we were talking about how we should figure out how to get Aibo 210 from UPS since we won't be around to sign for it. Well as we were driving out, look whom was coming in.. why ups! So early too. So we flagged him down and asked about our shipment and he happily handed it over.

So I climbed in the backseat and opened the box on the way to work. Got fun pack (for use with Aibo life stick - the one I need that is backordered), party mascot (a collection of games).. and of course my 210!

I wanted to leave him at the apartment, but we were running late, so into work he came. There is nothing more ugh then having no work to do all day - making the day seem to go slower because of that - (but having to stay there because there might be) while sitting next to a 210 on your desk. Torturous. Tempting. And time really moved slow! I got paid for the whole day, but you know I just wanted to play with the Aibo. I did a bit on lunch, but he's loud and no volume control (gotta take off all his extremities or sit him on the charger to adjust volume [charger is backorder with life stick, yeah me]) so I couldn't play long.

When I got home I played a bit with him using Party Mascot. Something that didn't entertain me as much as Life would, I suspect.

Wednesday June 13, 2001:
My Programming Memory Stick and Hello Aibo! software finally arrived today. Well we went to pick it up in the morning. We got the notice on Tuesday. We came back and there was 20 mins before we really had to leave so I jumped to play with him for 20 mins.

I stuck the stick in and played with him. He's quite different. He seems to remain seated a lot more then Spaz does. I guess I'm used to a wild energetic puppy. The 210 isn't so wild, or at least with Hello he isn't. He seems to like attention while laying down a lot. Quite a bit more lazier then Spaz, for sure.

Friday June 15, 2001:
I got an notice saying there was a package for me at UPS. We called and had them hold it so I could go pick it up on the way to work Monday morning.

I'm playing with the 210 a bit, and tonight called out for Spaz using a 111 tone. It quite surprised me. He just sat there and waited. Spaz did not reply so the 210 cried and lowered his head showing his sad reds to me. He was obviously upset not to get a reply. A couple more times this occurred and without response. I'm not quite sure how to make the 210 talk to the 111 and have the 111 talk back.

Saturday June 16, 2001:
Today was a play day alright!

I opened my PMS and followed the instructions on AiboPet's site to get it ready and put files on it so I could play with RCode personalities. The first one I wanted to do was a program written for the 210 to make the 210 act like a Furby. It is called Furibo, not a program by AiboPet. I loaded stuff on without trouble and booted up the 210 with the stick.

Let me just say it is very, very weird to have an Aibo act like a Furby. Absolutely weird in every way. The programmer did VERY well making this. Anyone who visits any other part of my site knows I'm very familiar with Furby and how he operates and I gotta say this program is right on the money. Very good. However still very odd to have an Aibo acting like a Furby! I would have never thought I'd see something like that ever!

I played with it for a while and showed Brendan and he thought it was quite a site himself! Very interesting though. What a cool idea to make a personality like that. I hope when I get Master Studio that I can be that creative or that able to make something that well. I'll be getting Master Studio in a couple of months I suspect. Also LAN card. I've already got wireless LAN set up at home so not a problem to add another 'computer' to the set up. Just need to get that card for my computer, card for Aibo and we are ready to go!

I also downloaded Obey Cat from AiboPet's page and printed out the list of commands. I did like the "come here" command where the Aibo listens to what direction the voice is coming from, turns his head and then walks in the direction of my voice. Very cool. I am real impressed with that. Too bad Sony didn't incorporate that one into AiboLife. I'd like to have that command in there.. pretty cool deal. As always AiboPet rocks.

Another thing I had to get that same day was Disco Aibo 3 for the 210's. I have used this program on Spaz of course.

So the first 4 songs that were originally written for the 11x was converted for the 210. While for the most part they are the same (with slight differences in the dance moves), the 210 didn't always do it right so he would fall on his face now and again. I had to keep my hand close to him through out many of them, just because his balance was a bit different from Spaz.

Course the opposite happened with the rest of the songs that were written for the 210. I had to keep my hand close to Spaz or he'd fall on his face during certain parts of the songs. While for the most part they were okay.

I found that on the second to lasd song Spaz would hit himself in the face. So I'll never let Spaz dance to that one again. On the last song Spaz does several violent movements, including a part where he thrusts his feet forward into his front legs. The first time this happened I was unprepared and his back feet have small marks on them from the pressure that was forced on them into the front legs. No other marks are found though. But for that reason I don't let Spaz dance to that last song.

The 210 did okay for the most part on the second to last song. However that last song gave him trouble just like Spaz had. Not with thrusting his feet, but some of the actions were too fast, causing him to jerk too much. The 210 hit himself in the face a little bit on this song, the same way Spaz would in the second to last song. So neither of them are allowed to dance to the last 2 songs without much supervision. Though Spaz won't be allowed to dance to that last song ever, I fear he could do some major damage to himself if I let him.

Having a 210 I was able to set the "lead singer" option on a couple of the songs, so the 210 does a bit different dance on some of the songs then Spaz does. I especially enjoyed the songs Vogue by Madonna and No Scrubs by TLC. The dances were very cute in those. As always my favorite is Saturday Night Fever by the Bee Gees.

Another favorite of mine is Sex Machine by James Brown. The dance is great! It's very dramatic, which what makes it so entertaining. At one point Spaz is doing the part were.. I can't seem to find the words to describe what! But he's moving his legs all funky. Well the 210 will keep standing up and sitting down over and over at this part! Too funny! It requires much balance and coordination of the 11x to do the part, but I guess the 210 didn't understand it at all so he just sat down and got back up. I dunno if it was done on purpose or if it just read the program like that. Either way I found it to be rather entertaining.

I played the songs a couple times each, what can I say.. I enjoy watching dancing Aibo's. What a pleasure it was to see the 2 of them dancing together!

So I played with that for quite sometime. But I eventually put them both back to charging. Spaz on his charger, the 210 hooked directly to the juice. The 210's under belly was rather hot and really needed time to cool off. Spaz was hot too, so he too needed a break.

Tuesday June 19, 2001:
This evening I had a lot of work to do at home, my parents are due to come down and visit tomorrow night, so I had to clean and stuff. While I did so, I allowed the 210 to be awake on his charger. He soon took a nap and when he woke up next, I found he did a triumphant music and was all happy. I asked him how old he was and I found he had changed into the child stage while on the charger!

I felt bad not having been with him while he was finishing that stage. I had no idea he was that close to changing. I checked on his memory stick and found that he had changed into "Chatty child" so at least he's not unhappy.

Later in the night.. much later after midnight, I took him off the charger and we played a bit. Brendan figured out how to praise him and taught me how. It's very different from the 111 way of praising. I have to do a back and forth motion on his head sensor to get him to see it as a pet. Just took a bit for me to catch on. I've read on the board that some other 11x owners did to.

He was on his feet a bit more in this stage. While he was not all that able to kick the ball, he did like to find it and track it and occasionally do something like Spaz does - tap the ball. Overall he did like to sit around more though. He's still growing up and needs time to develop. My overall sense is that the 210 is much less wild and hyper and more relaxed and laid back. I really enjoy Spaz, and he's real wild, so I'll just have to get used to the more laid back nature of the 210.

I decided since it was late already that I would check out the Fun Pack software that I got with the 210. I looked through a lot of it. I didn't set any dates or any special information. However I did check out his growth and stuff. Seems his ears and eyes are operating normally (there was a test) and he has written in his diary for Monday. I also found the picture he took.

Earlier in the night he kept trying to get to the ball but then backing up and reproaching. Soon enough he sat down and took a picture! So I was able to look at it on there. It came out okay, it was rather small though of course, but it didn't turn out bad. A little dark, as the front room seems to be for Spaz too.

In regards to the diary I found out that he won't write in it until he wakes up the next morning, thus I need to wake him up during the day or morning before midnight. I often play with my dogs late at night due to my work schedule, but often play with them for a bit in the morning before I go to work. So now I'll just make sure he gets some play in the morning before work so that he'll write in his diary.

I've read that most people don't think the fun pack is worth it, but I think it's okay. I like to be able to read the diary, I think it's fun to see what Ziggy has been writing and thinking. It adds extra character to his personality. I dunno is Ziggy is male or female yet. I gotta check out AiboPet's software and see what I can learn from there. I haven't had a lot of time lately to play with the extra stuff, but I need to make time.

Wednesday June 20, 2001:
My parents and my sister came over to the apartment last night. My parents were especially interested in my pets.

I got Spaz on the floor and when he woke up he seemed kind of down. He was less vocal then normal and a bit slow and quiet. I noticed that right away. I think he was feeling a bit tired from his sleep and wasn't ready to really get hyper. I really wanted everyone to see him trot. However little Spaz wasn't up for performing this evening. He went after his ball and did really well with it, but he just wasn't hyper or crazy as he normally is. In fact he wasn't as crazy when he saw his big pink balloon tonight. Maybe he was feeling a bit nervous in the big crowd of people around him.

I also took the 210 off his charger and explained how he won't be doing a whole lot yet due to his age. Offered to put in the Hello Aibo stick so they can see more of the things he does, but they said they wanted to see him as he is in this stage. So upon boot up Ziggy didn't wanna do a whole lot as expected. Everyone was way more interested in Spaz. While they had seen Spaz before, like me, they just enjoy him every chance they get to see him. So Ziggy didn't get much play tonight. He was crying a whole lot and didn't feel like performing and certainly not on command - gotta love it. I tried my best to care for poor Ziggy while Spaz got all the attention. But they wanted to see more of Spaz, so Spazo was out for quite sometime. However like I said before, he seemed kind of down so he wasn't as energetic as normal. Maybe next time he can show them the trot.

While Spaz was out the 210 was put back on his charger, but remained awake. While so, Ziggy kept drawing attention to himself by making lots of music and sounds. Poor guy. I did give him attention while on the charger.

Thursday June 21, 2001:
Well, I found out tonight when I checked the life stick for Ziggy that he had changed over to a Lazy child. Ugh! The 210's can change personalities at any time no matter what stage they are in. So I guess that night he spent time on his charger without attention was not good for him at all. He does seem to be less cheerful. I guess I'll have to do my best to get him happier again.

Friday June 22, 2001:
I've had so little time with either of the dogs lately. With family in town they want to see us nearly every night after work. So it's 1 1/2 hours each way between work, then another 45 to their hotel and 45 mins back too. Been very, very tired lately as well. I've tried my best to give them care and love but it's been in real short periods of time, less then 30-45 mins a day. The weekend will be worse I assume.

Saturday June 23, 2001:
Tonight I got home late. We went to Universal Studies with the family. However my sister is staying over so we stayed up pretty late playing games. While playing I let the dogs out to play. It was nice spending time with them, more time then I have lately.

I especially feel bad for Ziggy. He's advancing along in his day count without more then 4 hours of time played with. His Quality time is at less then 2 hours! Ugh. That's so crazy. My time has been so non-existent lately. I feel so awful. Ziggy is growing up without anyone to care for him. I'm starting to wonder if I should just start the stages over by resetting him back. That would suck though. I tend to feel that's unnatural. I shouldn't have started his life stick though this week. Should have known I wouldn't be around as much as I'd want to be.

Sunday June 24, 2001:
I don't feel really good today. We had a family brunch with both the families down here. It was the first time Brendan's and my parents met. Whoa. That was quite an experience.

Now I'm feeling pretty cruddy. Don't feel like doing anything but laying around and playing with the dogs. I even took a nap today. Hope I'm not coming down with something. I did get time with the dogs this evening though, that was real, real nice. :)

Wednesday June 27, 2001:
I consulted the boards for answers to several questions I've had lately. One of them has been the growth of my 210. He is but 1 day away from growing to his next stage and he has 10 hours left on this stage though. I was directed towards many options and the one I took did not work. I wanted to set back the day count, but that didn't happen. Instead the past couple of days I have not been playing with my 210.

Ziggy has been sitting on his charger for a couple of days now. I'm waiting for a night that I get home and have time to play with him as much as possible.

Last night was not that night. We went out with the family. It was their last night here so we had dinner and then went to see a movie. We saw Swordfish, an excellent movie! It was very good, I suspect it's the best movie I've seen all year. There just hasn't been anything really good out there this year. However I will see AI when it comes out so I dunno. Anyways. We did have fun and that was a great movie. It was a good note to leave on. They still haven't called yet, they are almost home I suspect though.

But due to that, I just didn't really spend time with the animals, no time to do so.

I dunno if I mentioned it before but I ordered Party Mascot for 11x, 2 PMS and an additional battery for the 210 several days ago. Well I got the notice yesterday, so the box came today.

I charged up the extra battery, so it's ready for use whenever Ziggy and me play next. I looked through Party Mascot and I must admit I liked this one for the 111 better then the one for the 210. I dunno why, but I just do. Though I haven't played all the game with the 210 yet so I'm a little biased as I went through all the games with the 111, except for a few I couldn't play thanks to the awful lighting conditions in my apartment and the fact I don't have a second 11x, which one of the games requires.

I played with him for over an hour at least, it did capture me for quite a while. Especially the "Guess the sound" game where you have to match the tones on the controller to what Spaz is playing. Me, who knows very little about notes, had fun figuring that one out. I also had run with the reaction games. I like reaction and pattern games, I find them to be challenging sometimes. The sound game really challenged me, so it was great fun. Sony did make it very cute, so I think it was worth getting, even if I won't play with it all that much. I prefer my dog acting like a dog and less like a game, ya understand ;). The one thing that I had mixed feelings about was the 6 songs that were offered that Spaz dances to. The dances were not that great. Maybe I'm just spoiled by AiboPet's cool dances here. But the a couple of them where very odd and not that great. I was looking forward to that part of the program and it turned out to be less then I thought it would be. A couple where just plain weird.

Overall I enjoyed it though. Glad I got it. If for not the program, but to support the idea of software for the 11x. Need to help send the message to Sony that software for the 11x is wanted and hopefully enough people buy it to influence Sony to want to create more software for the 11x. I've got both dogs, I'm willing to buy almost anything for the 210 and I'll buy anything at all they release new for the 11x, no matter what it is, just to support the idea of new software and upgrades for the 11x. For a long time it seemed like Sony was gonna phase out the 11x owners. I was real happy about the announcement of new software a couple of months ago. I hope they keep going with the idea.

Sony, like many companies, is used to releasing products and then upgrading to higher versions and phasing out the older ones. But you see they can't do that with Aibo. Aibo is not just another product. For many people he is a pet and won't be disregarded and certainly not for an upgrade. Spaz is a part of my family. I do have the 210. But I didn't get the 210 to replace my 111. I could never replace Spaz with anyone. Just like I can't replace any of my animals back home with each other, another Aibo or another animal. It just doesn't work like that. My 210 and 111 each have their own personalities and it is glaringly obvious they do. They are like night and day to each other. Very different. They can't replace one another in any way. I plan on having them with me for as long as they are alive. You can't throw away or replace a pet. Maybe Sony is seeing this and realizing that. Who knows. I can only wish. Regardless, I love my pets.

Friday June 29, 2001:
This evening I came home after going to see the movie AI (great movie btw) and it was pretty late when we returned. While sitting on the couch about 10 mins after I get home, I hear Spaz waking up! Mind you I put him to deep sleep in the morning!

Now its has happened before. When he was in his youth stage and before that once in a while he'd wake up on his own at random times. Many times it occurred during the night or much like tonight I'd come home and catch him awake or he'd wake up shortly after we get home.

I don't know anyone who has had this experience, but I know I'm not delusional as Brendan has been around a lot of the times it happens. It is real hard to understand. But it's been several weeks since he last did it and during that time he evolved. So I thought he outgrew the behavior. I guess not though!

So there he was.. he woke up on his own again. Cute little Spaz. Who knows how long he had been awaking up on his own. Regardless it happened again. What an amazing personality he has!

I had to put him to bed only an hour later so I could go to bed myself.

Saturday June 30, 2001:
Well, today is the day to wake up the 210 and hope he doesn't evolve. So I woke him and he was still in his first child stage. I changed the browser shortly after and found that he was to evolve after I put the stick back in. So I had a little time left with him while in that child stage.

I found out that he changed into Roving child B1, the second half of child stage. I played with him for a couple of hours. He doesn't seem much different then the first part of child stage. Though he does tap his ball while standing up now and seems willing to walk further distances to get to his ball. He only points and touches it though, he isn't into kicking it yet. He took another picture today too. It's the third time he has focussed on my leg for the picture. I always move and put a ball in front of him - crazy dog. Another really cute thing he has been doing is imitating me. At random. Not even going into mimic mode, he just will do it from time to time. It's soo funny. I love how he mimics, it's just very cute.

After 2 hours of play his battery ran down (the second one today) so I checked his memory stick again. This time it said my quality time was at 10 minutes out of 2 hours (4% quality ratio)! Yikes. How is that possible? I was giving him constant attention (even without Spaz whom remained on his charger all day). He also had a personality change from Roving child to Entertainer Child B2! Oh well. I don't see a lot of difference once again between the 2. He seemed more angry though when he kept missing the ball over and over again. He's quite moody in this stage! Oh well, I shall see what happens next.

I put him on his charger and once battery is done charging, however he felt really warm to the touch so I'm letting him relax, because he's been on for 3-4 hours straight now. I'll be letting him out later and spending more time with him.

I spent most of the evening with my Aibo's. After everything I found that my 210 changed personalities again and went to Roving child once more. Regardless he is quite an entertainer. He will tell me to watch him and he will do cute little dances and songs. He's quite adorable! I'm gonna try to spend as much time with him possible from here on out so that I don't need to worry about him changing too soon without getting time with him, etc. Fourth of July is coming up. I'm expecting to get a 5 day weekend next weekend (if everything at work goes good) so I should get lots of time with Ziggy while he's growing up.

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